Where to travel in Europe on a budget

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Where to travel in Europe on a budget

The season of cocktails with your friends, family and colleagues has started and the main topic of every discussion concerns the holidays and where you should go this year. Discord, misunderstanding, incomprehension, nobody can agree on the destination but the clock is ticking and the holidays are approaching so you should hurry up. The previous article prompted you to prepare your trip in advance in order for you not getting overwhelmed by the events and enjoy the best deals. Here, you will find the best destinations in Europe for those who would like to travel on a budget.

Whether you want to backpack, camp or simply stay in a hotel, some destinations in Europe are cheaper than others. Europe is not only cities like Paris or London: destinations that are expensive, especially due to their popularity towards tourists. Think about countries you would have never think about and that are so underrated but as beautiful and pleasant as the others.

Where to travel in Europe on a budget

Here are 5 budget European destinations:

– Poland, Krakow.  There, you will enjoy long walks around the Wisla river and in the Medieval core of the historical city. There is plenty of affordable cafés and restaurants to go to and free city tours to enjoy. The streets are enchanting and you can discover multiple beautiful areas when wandering the streets just like the well-known Jewish district.

– Budapest, Hungary. Everyone knows this country because of the Sziget festival. But you can also go there to walk along the Danube and enjoy the Ottoman architecture from the cheap cruises. Furthermore, did you know that it is called the city of spas?  So everyone who goes there must enjoy the thermal bath at least once.

– Zagreb, Croatia. This country is getting more and more popular, as it is not expensive. In the heart of Croatia’s modern culture, you will be able to enjoy the medieval style of the streets, the beautifulness of the buildings and cathedrals.

– Andalucia, Spain. This region branded as a historical nationality has a mix of Spanish and Arabic style. There, you can enjoy cheap beers, tapas as well as a magnificent architecture. If you feel a little be adventurous you can take the ferry to Morrocco; it is not so far.

– Lisbon, Portugal. This place is one of the best watersport destinations and it is the paradise for the people who love seafood.  There are also some free festivals during the summer you can enjoy.

Where to travel in Europe on a budget

This article is only a short resume. You need to go there to see by yourself what these cities have to offer. Their common point is that they are all marked with a past, a heritage and a history that allows them today to benefit from amazing architecture, museums, buildings and excellent traditional restaurants.


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