Press and award

The Spanish Association of Image Professionals has granted Capture Models the Gold Medal in recognition of its professional career in the field of model representation.

The Spanish Association of Image Professionals founded  in the Community of Madrid in 2016 is legally constituted, according to current regulations, with registration number ref. 36084. It appeared as a need for representation, coordination, management and defense of all people who dedicate themselves professionally to the world of the Image in Spain, assuming the inherent rights and duties to the professional representation and accreditation of all the professionals and the defense of their reputation, dignity and interests and to the guardianship and the incentive of the fulfillment professional practice and respect for the profession and its professionals.

The Association is managed by President Rosa Villacastín, writer and journalist, and by Vice President Agustín Bravo, communicator and presenter of radio and TV. More information about the association you can find on its official website.