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Big country house in the picturesque Navajas in the Castellón province.

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Big country house in the picturesque Navajas in the Castellón province. Even though it is recently renovated, it still retains its original architectural style and essence with the added bonus of all the equipment and amenities to match a modern living standard. It has 8 bedrooms in total, one single and seven double bedrooms, allowing for a maximum capacity of 18. There are also 2 living rooms, 4 bathrooms, a kitchen and library. Inside there’s breathtaking interior with tasteful decoration, traditional wooden beams and high ceilings, and a big fireplace. The exterior is amazing as well; starting from the Arab roof tiles, garden stretches over 2000 m2 with fruit and ornament trees which include swings, barbecue grill, loungers, a Moorish and last but not least a a swimming pool. This place is absolutely ideal for filming and even short-term accomodation.

The location is also a phenomenally great selling point. Navajs is surrounded by many mountains and natural parks, where people hike, go horseback riding or canoeing. Furthermore, the house itself is a short walk away from the breathtaking landscape of Salt de la Novia, known for its waterfalls and the Palancia river. Be it for nature shots or escapism from urban life, this place has more than enough to offer.


Weddings, corporate events, farewells, private events, presentations, etc.


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