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When you are a fashion freak or you just want to look good and trendy, it’s good to look for inspirations in many different places. Nowadays, the most popular source is undoubtedly the Internet. Tumblr or Pinterest are only a few of the sites where to find the perfect outfit examples. There are plenty of fashion related profiles on Facebook or Instagram and hashtags like #fashion or #ootd that have been tagged over a few million times.  YouTube is also a platform where you will find thousands of tips how to look up to the date and as fashionable as possible.

In this overload of information you can easily get lost or tired and finally, you won’t know what to wear at all.  So we have a proposition for you. Take a deep breath and go for a walk around your city, because we can’t forget that still, one of the best places to find inspirations are streets of a metropolis. Barcelona can be defined as a city which is blooming with diversity, multiculturalism and really good taste in fashion.

Today Capture Models Team decided to explore the capital of Catalonia in order to find some trendy and unique outfits, asking people of their sources of fashion influences.

Elena is 25 years old and she came to Barcelona from Venezuela. Her style is quite modern, yet laid back. You can also spot some vintage influence in her styling. Biggest fashion inspiration? Cindy Crawford and her classy stilizations!


Catalina is 19 years old and comes from Chile. We met her at the beloved skateboarder’s meeting spot near MACBA. She wasn’t really sure what inspires her, but without any doubt we can say that Catalina is really into skater girl scene. Just take a look!


Corenne is 26 years old and on daily basis lives in Switzerland. We met her at the entrance of the vintage shop in Raval district since she immediately grabbed our attention. Oversized white T-shirt is surely the key element of her outfit and it looks simply perfect with her modern, yet throwback-to-90’s Nike sneakers! When she needs some inspirations she always checks them on Instagram.

Engi is also 26 years old and she comes from Switzerland. Her style is natural and breezy. She chose a basic, grey top, loose black trousers and some flip flops. It’s the perfect choice for a summer day in Barcelona.


We hope that this post influence you to look for fashion inspirations not only in fashion related websites or magazines, but also on the streets!


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Best vintage shops in Barcelona by Admin

In Barcelona, there are hundreds of ways of spending your time – from visiting the most typical tourist spots, such as La Rambla, Sagrada Familia or other Gaudi’s breathtaking masterpieces to diving into Barcelona’s fashion spree. And that’s what we have done today. As you probably know, Barcelona is famous for the streets filled with exclusive shops like Gucci, Channel, Dolce&Gabbana, etc. However, not that many people know about the flourishing vintage shops and markets. We made a quick tour around the city and visited four amazing vintage shops. We made sure to take some amazing pictures just so you would see what it’s all about!


The first shop we visited was the vintage store named SOUL, situated at Carrer de Tallers. Crossing its thresholds, we found ourselves in a place that’s magical and a little dark filled not only with ordinary clothes but also with various kinds of disguises. See for yourself!

address: Carrer Tallers 15

Vintage Store Tallers 23

The second one was more casual and is maintained in the style of the past two decades. There, we found some 90’s style clothes like polo T-shirts, mom jeans, outworn Vans or Converse. What surprised us the most, was the large choice of football shirts! For anyone who loves old-school aura and football – we totally recommend it!

address: Carrer de Tallers 23

Polly Maggoo

The greatest choice of accessories ever! Hats, all kinds of jewelry and neckerchiefs. When you enter the shop, you can definitely feel the 70’s vibe – the clothes are totally sublime and selected perfectly to capture the hippie era. Furthermore, the owner is very nice and helpful.

address: Carrer de Riera Baixa 4

Let’s dive into the 50’s! This vintage shop is not only full of amazing clothes from a few decades ago, but has an extraordinary inside design as well. Unfortunately, not all the things are for sale, but still, it’s the great experience to admire the owner’s imagination.

address: Carrer de la Riera Baixa 22

New posts are coming soon! Stay tuned!


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Best affordable brands to get while in Barcelona by Admin

Barcelona is a multi-cultural and very touristic city, catering for everyone clothing wise, with malls, markets and high streets. Whether you have forgotten your holiday clothes, want to try out a new style or add some new clothes to your wardrobe, shopping here is for you.

Zara – Do you want to dress to impress, mix and match or add some accessories to some plain clothes? If you do go to Zara! Originating from Spain Zara shops are in many different locations, with something for everyone you can buy clothing for the whole family!

Best affordable brands to get while in Barcelona

Mango – Thinking of adding some colour and good style to a sunny day? Are you looking for casual clothes, are you a wedding guest or just looking for some new inspiration? Mango has it all! Also originating from Spain you will find Mango in many different locations and never fail to get something!

H&M – This Sweedish company that caters for all. Do you want to make a statement with some funky and cool patterns? Do you need new swimwear so you can stand out at the beach? Shoes, accessories, clothes, underwear, makeup, this place has it all, not overly expensive and dotted around in Barcelona this is a great option.

Primark – With only a few located in Barcelona Primark will be harder to find but definitely worth the search! If you are looking for fashionable clothes that look expensive but have a reasonable price tag, this is for you! Made in the UK Primark’s styles have expanded, with a range of ages, sizes, colours and people no matter how colourful or plain you dress Primark has what you need.

Best affordable brands to get while in Barcelona

Markets and Shops – Dotted around all over Barcelona you will find stools with people selling clothes, accessories and shoes. This is an affordable way to buy everything you need for your holiday/ summer wardrobe. The more you buy the better the discount. So put your shoes on and get searching, how can you say no to stylish clothes that make not only you happy but your bank account happy too.


Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3

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Why you should visit Barcelona by Admin

Barcelona is a great city to visit with your friends and your family, for a weekend or for holidays. Every single person that comes to Barcelona leaves with sparkles in their eyes and make the promise to come back again as soon as possible.

This cosmopolitan city is vibrant. The atmosphere that reigns there makes you feel like you are at home because people are caring, welcoming and love to celebrate life. Moreover, the environment is breathtaking. Palm trees, sea air and the smell of seafood in the streets; there is everything you need to have an unforgettable stay.

That is why everyone loves Barcelona because it is full of gorgeous places. Whenever you are wandering the streets, you can admire the beauty of the architecture, but also to many well-known places as The Park Guell and the Sagrada Familia. The Catalonian capital has a real history and you have the chance to admire it through buildings like Casa Battlo and museums.

Why you should visit Barcelona

To enjoy the beautifulness of the whole city, you can climb up above Park Montjuic and The Bunker. You will benefit from an incredible view and a rare moment of peace, far from the city’s madness. But if you think you are not only here to relax and want to go out, Barcelona is also the perfect place. There are many restaurants, bars and clubs to enjoy.

For the foodie, Catalan food is very famous all around the world. Tapas, paella, findeua, seafood, local cerveza… you can eat and drink whatever you want as the streets are crowded with traditional restaurants. You will never get bored while staying in this great city. There are so many places and things to experience in this multicultural city.

Barcelona is the place to be, that is why it is one of the most visited city. When walking in Las Ramblas you can see how much it is popular by seeing the number of tourists every day. Once you have considered you have visited enough areas in the city centre, you can go to Casteldefells, for its less crowded beaches, as well as along the coast like Costa Dorada and Costa Brava.

Why you should visit Barcelona

We wonder if it is possible not to love Barcelona, a charming city with a real story behind and an atmosphere that will make you feel like you are on holidays.


Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3

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Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week by Admin

Every little girl’s dream is to be a princess. However, time flies and aspirations change, we grow up and we gain in maturity. And even if the two most coveted Princes of England are now both off the market, you too can be someone’s princess for a day. And this day will be your wedding.

For many people, even if society evolves, marriage remains an institution. It is the consecration of an eternal love. We spend a lot of time organizing the most magical day because it will remain forever in our memories and in our hearts. We know we are about to spend the rest of our lives with the one we love the most, so when we prepare that day, we want to do it well. It only happens once in a lifetime.

Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week

The highlight of a wedding is the bride’s dress. She must be the most beautiful as all eyes are on her and her dress. Many television programs about marriage and dresses are now on air. But it is more interesting and exciting to go to  Fashion Shows that are dedicated to wedding dresses. That is why everyone should be aware of Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week.

Yesterday we had the chance to enjoy a moment down there to watch Yolancris. Even if you are not a fan of marriage, you have to go there for the beauty of the show, to admire the result and the time spent by the designers and dressmakers. The models were parading in sublime dresses in a very professional way. Between every acts, there were dance shows with a scenario behind every performance. This well-thought and well-organized event was a pure moment of joy and took place in a beautiful setting near Montjuic.

Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week

This Fashion Week and professional Trade Fair, recognized as one of the biggest Bridal Shows, has been held from April 23rd to April 27th. Do not hesitate to look for other fashion shows around, they will put sparkles in your eyes!


Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3

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A healthy mind in a healthy body by Admin

Easter came and no one skipped the traditional egg hunt. Children and adults have loved eating chocolate; some might have done more than others. While we enjoyed it way too much in Barcelona with the famous Mona de Pascua without feeling guilty, the sunny days are coming back. So the main question that is ringing in our head is: will my swimsuit still fit me?

To prepare our summer body, there is nothing better than doing outdoors activities, whether it is by yourself or in a team. The undeniable advantage for the people living in Barcelona, or for the lucky visitors, is that no matter the physical activity practised, they will always benefit from an incredible view or incredible sites to visit: a great source of motivation.

Whether you would prefer to run, cycle or hike, you will find plenty of places to go to such as the famous Barceloneta and the Passeig Maritim. There is nothing more pleasant than doing sports while feeling the sea breeze in your hair. However, as it is quite crowded in the summer, do not hesitate to look for paths in the heights of Barcelona. Montjuic is a great area thanks to its many green areas, parks and gardens. You will enjoy the view as much as if you want to go to Carretera de les Aigües. 

A healthy mind in a healthy body

If you want to exercise with other people, there is still that easy option where you can just go to the beach and play volleyball. But for the people who want to try local activities, they should try the Padel tennis, a sport imported from Argentina but well-known here in Catalonia.

Outdoor yoga is also a great outdoor activity to practice in the Parc de la Ciutadella, near the Arc de Triomf with its fountain and its green areas. Again, it can be crowded and as yoga is supposed to help you to relax, do not hesitate to visit any park around you, they will all be as beautiful and some will surely be more peaceful than others. You can also go to the Serra de la Collsorella a natural park full of history.

Doing outdoor activities will allow you to enjoy the city, discover new places and new people that share your passion. With its 5km of coastline, Barcelona has a wide variety of places you will not know if you don’t wander in the streets. But wherever you are in the world, just remind yourself that it’s important to go outside. It is good for your body and your mind.

A healthy mind in a healthy body

That’s also what tourism is: discovering the city without any precise goal.


Source 1, Source 2, Source 3

Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3

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Discover Spanish Fashion Market by Admin

Although Spain is usually associated with the biggest brands of clothing such as Zara and Mango, it is worth looking for and getting to know this market closer.  Spain hides much more than just that. Each wardrobe should be enriched with even one thing from Spanish fashion houses.

CM made some research for you to know where to shop in Barcelona.



Brand was founded in 2008 and today sells its stuff in more than 12 countries. In addition to the accessories you will also find standard clothing to help you create your outfit or to complement the hottest trends of the season



The Loewe brand is one of the few brands with such a long history that dates back to its founding in 1846 and has gone the way of Hermès and Louis Vuitton, starting with fine leather goods, then developing it with travel bags, suitcases and handbags, on the line of clothes and perfumes ending.

Manolo Blahnik


befunky-collage5 We all know this brand from our favorite show “Sex in the City”. Manolo Blahnik’s was the favorite brand of  Carrie Bradshaw, and yes, their shoes are FABULOUS!Manolo Blahnik style is today recognizable throughout the world, and is based on references to the aristocratic and female sex appeal.



Delpozo artistic director is Josep Font, Barcelona architect. Font education is particularly evident in his design. The spaciousness of the clothes makes them seem separated from the body. Dresses resemble modern Madrid buildings. This is the perfect place to shop in, if you are tired of typical designs.

In addition a little advice from CM: Follow your heart, wear outfits in which you feel comfortable, confident and fabulous. Be yourself and believe that you are beautiful.



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Luxury Shopping in Barcelona by Admin

Barcelona is a city that oozes style!
Here are some of the best locations for Luxury Shopping in Barcelona, one of Europe’s finest shopping destination.


Passeig de Gracia

You will find the best luxury brands in the whole of Barcelona. Starting from Plaça Catalunya to Carrer Diagonal. You will find the widely recognized brands for clothes such as Channel, Versace, Maxmara, Hermès and Prada. If you are looking for jewelry Tiffany & Co, Cartier and Bagues Joieria will be waiting for you. This area is a must if you are looking for Luxury Shopping in Barcelona.

Avinguda Diagonal

This runs along the top of Passeig de Gràcia. Here you will find a number of high-end brands such as BOSS, Roca Clarà and the famous interior design shop Habitat.

El Born

Here you will find an abundance of boutique shops selling one-of-a-kind clothes, shoes, jewelry and home-furnishing. Many different designers showcase their designs in this area, and by time more and more big names are appearing.

Carrer Major de Sarrià

This area is found high above the Eixample district of Barcelona, and is known for its beautiful greenery and high-class residential areas. As for the shopping, make sure to prepare your wallet for all the small boutiques on the side streets that sell clothing, home décor and other accessories. Most shops are owned by local designers but none the less, it is guaranteed that you will be purchasing one-of-a-kind piece in any of these local boutiques.

La Roca Village

This can be found just half an hour away from Barcelona, and should definitely not be missed out if you are up for deluxe shopping but are also looking for that good bargain. Here, one will find over 100 outlets such as Diesel, Calvin Klein, G-Star Raw and Spain’s Desigual.




Shbarcelona , Winestyletravel

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Do not worry, we have put together a great mix of Sant Juan outfit inspiration for you. It does not matter if you are celebrating Sant Juan with a relaxed dinner with friends, bonfire at the beach or fancy party in a club , I’m sure you will find some inspiration for your outfit here!



Sources:  Picture 1  Picture 2  Picture 3  Picture 4  Picture 5  Picture 6  Picture 7  Picture 8  Picture 9 

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The shortest night of the year and the official beginning of summer is here! Sant Joan festival or “La Nit de Sant Joan”,  the Spanish midsummer, is celebrated on the 23rd of June and continues to the 24th of June, which is “Saint John’s Day” and a public holiday in Catalonia and Spain.

Sant Juan is one of Barcelonas biggest parties , you can either organize your own party with friends and family or join a party in one of Barcelonas many clubs. A lot of people, around 70 000, also spends Sant Juan on one of Barcelona’s beaches,  a nice way to see the bonfires and fireworks !

Food and drinks is a very important part of Sant Juan, if you want to be traditional you should go for  Coca & Cava . Coca is a dessert brioche cake which you can enjoy with Cava, sparkling vine from Spain. Personally, I know I’m going for this perfect combo!

Capture models


“The one who lights Sant Joan will not get burnt all year.”

This celebration is an old tradition and has a lot of elements , where fire is the most important one, which explains the fireworks and bonfires. According to traditions will “The Flame of the Canigó” or Canigó’s flame light bonfires all over Catalonia. This year it’s 50 years since ” La Flama del Canigó” first arrived in the city, which makes this year’s Sant Juan Night extra special.


“Bathe on Sant Joan and you’ll be healthy all year round”

Water is also an element of Sant Joan, according to legend and tradition a swim will cure ails, aches and pains. If you celebrate this festival on the beach, and it feels like a swim on mid-night, you will not be the only one.


“Herbs of Sant Joan keep their strength all year”

Legend says that on the night of San Juan herbs are one hundred times stronger than usual. Thyme, Rosemary and Verbena are collected and eaten during this event.


WELCOME TO BARCELONA  Picture 1 Picture 2

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SUMMER TRENDS 2017 by Admin

Street style Barcelona

The summer is really hitting Barcelona and it’s time to look over our summer wardrobe . Which is the summer trends you need to know, we hear yellow and a wow-factor is something to strive for this summer.



CmThis small piece of clothing is something we’ve seen a lot of on this spring runways. And what could be more perfect for the hot weather of Barcelona than a mini top to go with a pair of high waist, thin and loose pants or a high waist skirt? And why not choose a patterned fabric, for example flowers, which is something you will see a lot of this summer. I’m definitely going to wear an outfit like this!



Capture ModelsThe cold shoulder is back, last summer everybody was all about the shoulder-tops and dresses. This summer everybody should be all about the one shoulder tops and dresses . Another trend this summer is  flounce clothing , choose a flounce one shoulder and you’re good to go!


Capture ModelsThis is another summer trend that we’re so happy that’s here on the hottest summer days . A see through dress is a perfect cover up after a day at the beach or why not outfit during a night out on town. Choose a piece of clothing with embroidered flowers and you have two big summer trends in one.


Capture modelsThis summer the heels are getting lower and we see a lot of “oldies” coming back, like platforms, kitten heels and socks in sandals. Personally I’m quite happy about this! Even though I like the really high heals it’s safe to say these ones are much more practical and comfortable! AND their really good looking too!


Capture ModelsLastly, this summer yellow is making a comeback . We have seen this bright color on many fashion shows this spring, and honestly, what a better color to match your tanned skin and the hot weather.



Picture 1 Picture 2
Picture 3 Picture 4 Picture 5 Picture 6 Picture 7 Picture 8
Picture 9 Picture 10 Picture 11 Picture 12 Picture in header


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Between the 26th and 30th of June one of the most spectacular fashion events takes place in Barcelona. It is time for 080 Barcelona Fashion’s 20th edition. This will be celebrated by organizing the event at the beautiful Sant Pau Art Nouveau SiteAdditionally, not only will there be the usual fashion shows and parallel activities, every night when the shows are over the iconic architectural complex will host performances, concerts and presentations, all as a part of the 20th anniversary celebration.

One of the goals with 808 Barcelona Fashion is to strengten Catalonia and the city of Barcelona as a benchmark for creativity and innovation as well as design generation and projection in the fashion industry.

The event starts of at 11.00am, the first fashion show is by Little Creative Factory, they are followed by Bobilo. After these two shows is it time for the 080 Barcelona Fashion opening. The opening is held at Pavelló Sant Rafael. During these five days over 30 brands and fashion designers will show their new collections. There will also be photoshoot competitions, fashion markets and exhibitions.

For more information and the exact schedule, have a look at 080 Barcelona Fashion’s webpage.

Have a look at this video to get an overview of 808 Barcelona Fashion in Januari 2017.

I my self are really exited for this Fashion event in Barcelona. The fashion market is something I definitely will pay a visit to, hoping to find something nice to extend my summer wardrobe with. When it comes to the fashion shows and brands MIQUEL SUAY is one that caught my eye with their beautiful wedding dresses. Others are MARIA ROCH and GEMA SACH, two brands with more casual clothing. I really like the patterns of the GEMA SACH clothing. One particular item that i also like is TORRAS leather shirt. Lastly, I am really looking forward to see the shows of TEXELL MIRAS and BRAIN&BEAST, two brands that really thinks outside the box.


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