Some swimwear tips for summer 2019 by Admin

Are you keen on the latest trend and fashion? Have you already gotten your brand-new swimming suit for the summer? If yes, it never hurts to get informed about some extra insights. If not, please, do not hesitate to check out some of our tips below.

number NEON



Not only have House of Holland, Prada and Off-White promoted the color neon for the last couple of seasons but also they are more tempting than you might believe first: super bright shades generate a deeper tan illusion. You might consider updating your wardrobe with one of these pieces…


number2 Everything knotted


For this summer, the knotted style keeps emerging. Charming and practical, knotted bikinis and swimsuits can be customized. And guess what, Rihanna and Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert are huge fans of this trend as well! Feel free to play a bit around with those ties!


number3 Animals everywhere


Snake, zebra, cheetah? Does not matter. Animal print has set its sights on the globe of fashion and marks its land in every kind of garments, shoes and accessories and its taking over the swimwear section as well. Not to mention the rise, since Kylie Jenner’ s post, shining in one of them.  Do not hesitate, pick your favorite and head to the beach!


number4 Polka-dot


The lively print merely refers to the summer nature, so why not wear it on the seaside whenever we get the opportunity? Last but not least, if you loved a vintage touch of your swimwear, Polka-dot is the perfect choice for you!


number5 Sustainable…the sexiest!

large-tropic-of-c-red-the-c-swimsuit-15567305871272661-1-1556732209 marahoffmanbikini-1556731391

Needless to say, that in today’s world sustainability is not only becoming more and more important but also trendy! Brands (i.e. Mara Hoffman) are becoming more and more conscious about moving towards this new trend. Whether it is plastic, fishing nets or reused bottles? Never mind, even if you may not love the dress, go for one! Do something for your environment! It can be as hot at least as wearing the sexiest bikini…


In a nutshell, it is extremely hot outside and we definitely need to start planning our next get-away to a spot full of sunshine. However, first we absolutely need to do a shopping tour for swimwear. After all, it is one of the most glamorous and enjoyable way to spend an hour. Feel free to check out some of our tips though before you take off!

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Beach Day Essentials by Admin

A day on the beach is not only a whole lot of fun but also incredibly good for your body if you act responsibly.
Preparing for a whole day at the beach? Make sure to toss these Beach Day Essentials into your beach bag!


There is a lot of Beach Day Essentials to carry when spending a day on the beach, but there is nothing you cannot fit in a canvas tote bag. You also do not need to worry of it getting ruined if it gets a tad damp or wet. It is the perfect go-to bag for the beach!


Never go to the beach without a towel and if you are feeling extra generous, take your massive beach towel and save the few that forgot to bring one. You will be able to fit around 3-4 friends at least to have a great chat by the sea or just listen to music and work on your tan.


This is quite the no-brainier if you are aware that you are going to be spending all the day on the beach, so always apply AND REAPPLY.  Even though most of us do head to the beach to work on getting that tan, but skimping on the sun protection is not the way to go. You can find sunscreens with appropriate protection and instant bronzers so there is no excuse.


Even if you do apply sunscreen, your face is still going to need that extra protection. The bigger, the better protected, so do not be shy to wear those massive sunglasses and big floppy hat. It is a cute and stylish way of avoiding the bright red nose and cheek bones.


Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! 
Tanning and swimming for the day is bound to leave you parched, so make sure to take your water flask along with you to have cool water available whenever you will need some.


Always take a bunch of snacks to the beach with you. Something like cool mixed fruit, salads, some healthy granola bars and so on. This is ideal if you plan on staying at the beach for longer than 3 hours, to ensure that you will be full and happy on your well-needed beach day.


It is one of the best feelings to unwind with a good read in hand whilst listening to relaxing music at the beach.
Here are 3 good fashion books for this summer.


HERCAMPUS, SEVENTEEN, Superhero You, BuzzFeed

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