2019 is getting closer and so are all the festivities of winter. Today I’m going to share my favourite outfit ideas for that Pre-Christmas party, or how about wearing one of these outfits when popping the champagne on New Year’s Eve.

The last day of the year is our last chance to try out something new, so I want to encourage you to pick up an outfit that you’ve been wanting to wear but have never found the right time. Here come my top 5 outfit ideas for the winter’s biggest celebration. In our previous blog post we’ve listed few of our favourite online stores – check this post out to get some inspiration where you can shop similar styles!

1.FEELING LIKE A FIREWORK? Do you want to shine brighter than the fireworks at midnight? Then go for lots of glitter and sequins. New Year’s Eve is definitely the right time to put on these sparkly dresses that you’ve been hiding the whole year in your wardrobe.


2. JUMP IN A JUMPSUIT. If you’re not a fan of wearing a dress but feel like jeans are too casual, why not try out a jumpsuit instead? They’re fancy and festive – and best of all, they keep you warm and comfortable. Also, not everyone is wearing them, so stand out from the crowd and try on a jumpsuit! Christmas might be over, however it’s not too late to wear one in this bright red colour.



3. BLACK IS BACK. Perhaps you’ve been wanting to play with some new eye shadows or accessories? If you want to keep your outfit simple and let a bag or makeup catch the attention, then black is always a good idea. It’s classy and never goes out of fashion.



4. OUT FROM THE OFFICE. A huge hit this winter has been blazer-inspired dresses. The style is formal with a twist making the look interesting and perfect for the occasion. Combine the dress with a belt to give the outfit some shape. 



5. FUR WON’T LET YOU FREEZE. It’s the coldest time of the year and you’ll probably be spending some time shivering outside in the cold. A perfect way to keep yourself warm, but still looking fashionable at the same time is a giant faux-fur jacket. Who would say no to that soft fluffy coat that makes everyone notice you!

What are you planning on wearing when welcoming 2019? Or which one of these options do you prefer? Tell us in comments! 

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What to pack for a mid-season week-end in Barcelona by Admin

Forget your triple layer winter coat if you travel to Barcelona during the mid-season. Here you will find the best tips to enjoy your stay as much as you can while, hopefully, remaining stylish.

One thing to take into consideration is to travel light. And if your aim is to visit the city from A to Z in just a weekend: think practical. You will always look more pretty on pictures with a casual and comfortable look than with a look that will not allow you to smile because your too hot, too cold or because your shoes make you want to cry.

What to pack for a mid-season week-end in Barcelona

That is why a pair of sneakers is always a good idea, you can bring your high-heels but keep them for the night if you plan to go out. Then, never forget the basics. A trench, a cardigan or a leather jacket is enough. For the bottom, just bring some jeans. Barcelona is not only a synonym of sun and party at the beach, you never know what the weather holds. That is why it can be tricky to travel during the mid-season because the weather is constantly changing, thus, temperatures are never the same. A sweater or light jacket is essential and you can wear a breathable t-shirt underneath it to stay comfortable.

Don’t be afraid to let your creativity speaks to keep you warm: mix fabrics, put a scarf on… but remember that packing heavy clothes is not a good idea as you will have to take them on/off every time you enter to a restaurant, a coffee shop, a museum.

What to pack for a mid-season week-end in Barcelona.

Now that you have all the information needed, stop looking desperately at your suitcase wondering whether you need your sunglasses or your umbrella, just take them both and be ready to enjoy the city’s best places.


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