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Every little girl’s dream is to be a princess. However, time flies and aspirations change, we grow up and we gain in maturity. And even if the two most coveted Princes of England are now both off the market, you too can be someone’s princess for a day. And this day will be your wedding.

For many people, even if society evolves, marriage remains an institution. It is the consecration of an eternal love. We spend a lot of time organizing the most magical day because it will remain forever in our memories and in our hearts. We know we are about to spend the rest of our lives with the one we love the most, so when we prepare that day, we want to do it well. It only happens once in a lifetime.

Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week

The highlight of a wedding is the bride’s dress. She must be the most beautiful as all eyes are on her and her dress. Many television programs about marriage and dresses are now on air. But it is more interesting and exciting to go to  Fashion Shows that are dedicated to wedding dresses. That is why everyone should be aware of Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week.

Yesterday we had the chance to enjoy a moment down there to watch Yolancris. Even if you are not a fan of marriage, you have to go there for the beauty of the show, to admire the result and the time spent by the designers and dressmakers. The models were parading in sublime dresses in a very professional way. Between every acts, there were dance shows with a scenario behind every performance. This well-thought and well-organized event was a pure moment of joy and took place in a beautiful setting near Montjuic.

Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week

This Fashion Week and professional Trade Fair, recognized as one of the biggest Bridal Shows, has been held from April 23rd to April 27th. Do not hesitate to look for other fashion shows around, they will put sparkles in your eyes!


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080 Barcelona Fashion Week has started

And of course we were there to check it out!

This spectacular week of Fashion in Barcelona is a mix of fashion market, photo shoot contest, showrooms, seminars, fashion shows and more. The impressive number of over 30 designers are represented during the fashion shows this week. If you are not yet convinced about checking out this event, take a look at the location of the event. -> It is taking place in the magnificent Sant Pau Hospital, also known as the  Modernist Rector of Sant Pau .

If you want to know more about what kind of event this is, check out our earlier blog post and get to know everything you need to know about this Fashion Event.

Capture models 808The event venue  Rector Modernista De Sant Pau.

Capture models 808AUBERGINE

Capture models 808PILAR DEL CAMPO

AUBERGINE ‘s spring and summer line 2018 is inspired by Moroccan culture , specifically the fishing village of Essaouira. The show was very classy and relaxed. PILAR DEL CAMPO ‘s show was colorful. The line is inspired by the changes that took place in the world of art  between the 19th and 20th centuries. With focus on Catalan Modernism.

More pictures from AUBERGINE’s show  and PILAR DEL CAMPO’s show and other shows are on 808 Barcelona Fashion .

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