Holiday Gift Guide by Nette Leikas

Christmas lights have been turned on in the streets of Barcelona and furry, warm jackets and scarves have made a comeback after last winter. We still haven’t opened the first window of Christmas calendars, but it is not too early to start wrapping those Christmas presents already now. That way you’re able to dedicate the weeks before Christmas Eve to ginger bread, mulled wine and just making it cosy at home. Everyone has been in that stressful situation and bought presents in the very last minute, so our advice is to avoid the bustle and prepare Christmas presents early this year. In this way you can enjoy the Christmas feeling without stressing in the shops.

Today we want to share some inspiration for your Christmas shopping. In the collages under you’ll find even more ideas! Write your picks down in the shopping lists and you’ll know exactly what you’re looking for for your loved ones. Let’s start with the girly favourites!


A red lipstick or nail polish is perfect for Christmas time but can also be used throughout the year. That’s a present that will colour up every girl’s day and there are both cheaper and more worthy options available, which will suit for every wallet. If you feel like dark red doesn’t fit your girlfriend or sister, choose lighter tones or the other Christmas colours gold or green. Beauty stores have made it so easy to give away cosmetics and skin care products as present. Almost every make up store has prepared gift packages that include different matching products wrapped in a beautiful box. It couldn’t be simpler to shop a Christmas gift for anyone! The only difficulty might be choosing since there are so many gorgeous options! If her make up bag is already completely full, head to the accessory department. You can look for fashionable scarves or gloves that aren’t only pretty but also necessary in the frosty winter weather. If you know her style well, you can even choose a nice bag, necklace or pair of shoes to hide under the Christmas tree.


If you want to be sure that your present won’t be laying in drawers unused, you can buy something practical for everyday life. Gifts for home are great during winter when we spend a lot more time indoors. That gift could be new high-quality headphones that a friend couldn’t afford himself. Or a smoothie machine for someone who always stops by at the cafés for some berry power. You could buy soft blankets or fluffy slippers to make hanging at home even cosier. Maybe your friend likes to be super organised or just tends to forget everything and you can buy a planner for 2019 to put his/hers new year in order. You can even prepare your friend for New Year’s Eve celebrations and give a pretty pack of champagne glasses.


I saved my personal favourite gift last and that is giving an experience as a Christmas present. It is a great feeling to give a present box and delight a friend with something material but most of us wouldn’t actually need the things. That’s why, I love giving presents that everyone will appreciate and be excited about; quality time. Of course, this present must be well planned to match the personality of the lucky one. But fortunately, there is a countless number of alternatives, so you’ll find something for everyone for sure. A spa day would be a perfect present for a friend who has been working a lot lately. An adventurous sibling would be thrilled to try out extreme sports like bungee jumping or diving. A visit to an escape room is for those who love to solve mysteries. A wine tasting for a wine lover, shopping tour for a shopaholic or a ticket to a favourite band’s concert. And who wouldn’t like a nice evening in a good restaurant? The list goes on and on and that is the reason I love giving (and getting) these unforgettable presents.

Didn’t you find anything from this list for the one you wanted to surprise? Behind this link you can read our gift ideas for Valentine’s day – some of them are perfect Christmas presents as well!

How about you, have you already started Christmas shopping?

-Capture Models

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2019 is getting closer and so are all the festivities of winter. Today I’m going to share my favourite outfit ideas for that Pre-Christmas party, or how about wearing one of these outfits when popping the champagne on New Year’s Eve.

The last day of the year is our last chance to try out something new, so I want to encourage you to pick up an outfit that you’ve been wanting to wear but have never found the right time. Here come my top 5 outfit ideas for the winter’s biggest celebration. In our previous blog post we’ve listed few of our favourite online stores – check this post out to get some inspiration where you can shop similar styles!

1.FEELING LIKE A FIREWORK? Do you want to shine brighter than the fireworks at midnight? Then go for lots of glitter and sequins. New Year’s Eve is definitely the right time to put on these sparkly dresses that you’ve been hiding the whole year in your wardrobe.


2. JUMP IN A JUMPSUIT. If you’re not a fan of wearing a dress but feel like jeans are too casual, why not try out a jumpsuit instead? They’re fancy and festive – and best of all, they keep you warm and comfortable. Also, not everyone is wearing them, so stand out from the crowd and try on a jumpsuit! Christmas might be over, however it’s not too late to wear one in this bright red colour.



3. BLACK IS BACK. Perhaps you’ve been wanting to play with some new eye shadows or accessories? If you want to keep your outfit simple and let a bag or makeup catch the attention, then black is always a good idea. It’s classy and never goes out of fashion.



4. OUT FROM THE OFFICE. A huge hit this winter has been blazer-inspired dresses. The style is formal with a twist making the look interesting and perfect for the occasion. Combine the dress with a belt to give the outfit some shape. 



5. FUR WON’T LET YOU FREEZE. It’s the coldest time of the year and you’ll probably be spending some time shivering outside in the cold. A perfect way to keep yourself warm, but still looking fashionable at the same time is a giant faux-fur jacket. Who would say no to that soft fluffy coat that makes everyone notice you!

What are you planning on wearing when welcoming 2019? Or which one of these options do you prefer? Tell us in comments! 

-Capture Models

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Best street fashion outfits by Admin

When you are a fashion freak or you just want to look good and trendy, it’s good to look for inspirations in many different places. Nowadays, the most popular source is undoubtedly the Internet. Tumblr or Pinterest are only a few of the sites where to find the perfect outfit examples. There are plenty of fashion related profiles on Facebook or Instagram and hashtags like #fashion or #ootd that have been tagged over a few million times.  YouTube is also a platform where you will find thousands of tips how to look up to the date and as fashionable as possible.

In this overload of information you can easily get lost or tired and finally, you won’t know what to wear at all.  So we have a proposition for you. Take a deep breath and go for a walk around your city, because we can’t forget that still, one of the best places to find inspirations are streets of a metropolis. Barcelona can be defined as a city which is blooming with diversity, multiculturalism and really good taste in fashion.

Today Capture Models Team decided to explore the capital of Catalonia in order to find some trendy and unique outfits, asking people of their sources of fashion influences.

Elena is 25 years old and she came to Barcelona from Venezuela. Her style is quite modern, yet laid back. You can also spot some vintage influence in her styling. Biggest fashion inspiration? Cindy Crawford and her classy stilizations!


Catalina is 19 years old and comes from Chile. We met her at the beloved skateboarder’s meeting spot near MACBA. She wasn’t really sure what inspires her, but without any doubt we can say that Catalina is really into skater girl scene. Just take a look!


Corenne is 26 years old and on daily basis lives in Switzerland. We met her at the entrance of the vintage shop in Raval district since she immediately grabbed our attention. Oversized white T-shirt is surely the key element of her outfit and it looks simply perfect with her modern, yet throwback-to-90’s Nike sneakers! When she needs some inspirations she always checks them on Instagram.

Engi is also 26 years old and she comes from Switzerland. Her style is natural and breezy. She chose a basic, grey top, loose black trousers and some flip flops. It’s the perfect choice for a summer day in Barcelona.


We hope that this post influence you to look for fashion inspirations not only in fashion related websites or magazines, but also on the streets!


Capture Models

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Best vintage shops in Barcelona by Admin

In Barcelona, there are hundreds of ways of spending your time – from visiting the most typical tourist spots, such as La Rambla, Sagrada Familia or other Gaudi’s breathtaking masterpieces to diving into Barcelona’s fashion spree. And that’s what we have done today. As you probably know, Barcelona is famous for the streets filled with exclusive shops like Gucci, Channel, Dolce&Gabbana, etc. However, not that many people know about the flourishing vintage shops and markets. We made a quick tour around the city and visited four amazing vintage shops. We made sure to take some amazing pictures just so you would see what it’s all about!


The first shop we visited was the vintage store named SOUL, situated at Carrer de Tallers. Crossing its thresholds, we found ourselves in a place that’s magical and a little dark filled not only with ordinary clothes but also with various kinds of disguises. See for yourself!

address: Carrer Tallers 15

Vintage Store Tallers 23

The second one was more casual and is maintained in the style of the past two decades. There, we found some 90’s style clothes like polo T-shirts, mom jeans, outworn Vans or Converse. What surprised us the most, was the large choice of football shirts! For anyone who loves old-school aura and football – we totally recommend it!

address: Carrer de Tallers 23

Polly Maggoo

The greatest choice of accessories ever! Hats, all kinds of jewelry and neckerchiefs. When you enter the shop, you can definitely feel the 70’s vibe – the clothes are totally sublime and selected perfectly to capture the hippie era. Furthermore, the owner is very nice and helpful.

address: Carrer de Riera Baixa 4

Let’s dive into the 50’s! This vintage shop is not only full of amazing clothes from a few decades ago, but has an extraordinary inside design as well. Unfortunately, not all the things are for sale, but still, it’s the great experience to admire the owner’s imagination.

address: Carrer de la Riera Baixa 22

New posts are coming soon! Stay tuned!


Featured Image


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Johnny Depp’s most iconic looks by Admin

Johnny Depp celebrated his 54th birthday on June, 9th. So, to pay tribute to this movie legend, we decided to do a recap of three of his best looks.

Johnny Depp is unquestionably one of the best actors of our decade. Thanks to his strong friendship with Tim Burton and many other talented film directors, he offered us magical performances, all more different from each other. In addition to being particularly talented in his field, Johnny is like a metamorph. In each role, a new style.

We had the chance to see him in all its forms, adopt several haircuts and clothing styles. Whether it is in the cinema or in his everyday life, Johnny dares everything and his past as a rocker only confirms his extravagance. Hat, coloured glasses, scarves, nail polish, rings, tattoos, this man loves to accessorize all its looks for the greatest pleasure of our eyes.

Johnny Depp's most iconic looks

It is true that we have been more focusing on the style of his numerous and all so fabulous women in his life. But we should not forget that he received a Style Icon Award at the CFDA Fashion Awards in 2012. Known for his eccentric looks, he does not hesitate to express who he really is through his clothes.

His mythical leather jacket. It’s reminiscent of Cry Baby‘s era, where the artist with his slicked hair wore a simple white t-shirt, blue jeans and heightened this simple look with his jacket. This will forever stay in our mind.

He can play very wise as with Kate Moss at the Cannes Film Festival for the projection of The Brave. Nothing more classy and more beautiful than Johnny Depp wearing a costume. His clean-shaven and brush cut confirmed that each of his red carpet appearances allows him to show his elegance and sense of refinement.

You know it, Jonnhy Depp’s hair is his trademark. His dishevelled hairstyle is emblematic. A levis shirt always opens and a devastating smile.

Johnny Depp's most iconic looks

Johnny Depp has many facets and he will keep seducing his audience, through his films, his appearances on red carpets or in ads like Eau Sauvage, Dior.


Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3

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Best affordable brands to get while in Barcelona by Admin

Barcelona is a multi-cultural and very touristic city, catering for everyone clothing wise, with malls, markets and high streets. Whether you have forgotten your holiday clothes, want to try out a new style or add some new clothes to your wardrobe, shopping here is for you.

Zara – Do you want to dress to impress, mix and match or add some accessories to some plain clothes? If you do go to Zara! Originating from Spain Zara shops are in many different locations, with something for everyone you can buy clothing for the whole family!

Best affordable brands to get while in Barcelona

Mango – Thinking of adding some colour and good style to a sunny day? Are you looking for casual clothes, are you a wedding guest or just looking for some new inspiration? Mango has it all! Also originating from Spain you will find Mango in many different locations and never fail to get something!

H&M – This Sweedish company that caters for all. Do you want to make a statement with some funky and cool patterns? Do you need new swimwear so you can stand out at the beach? Shoes, accessories, clothes, underwear, makeup, this place has it all, not overly expensive and dotted around in Barcelona this is a great option.

Primark – With only a few located in Barcelona Primark will be harder to find but definitely worth the search! If you are looking for fashionable clothes that look expensive but have a reasonable price tag, this is for you! Made in the UK Primark’s styles have expanded, with a range of ages, sizes, colours and people no matter how colourful or plain you dress Primark has what you need.

Best affordable brands to get while in Barcelona

Markets and Shops – Dotted around all over Barcelona you will find stools with people selling clothes, accessories and shoes. This is an affordable way to buy everything you need for your holiday/ summer wardrobe. The more you buy the better the discount. So put your shoes on and get searching, how can you say no to stylish clothes that make not only you happy but your bank account happy too.


Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3

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MET Gala 2018 by Admin

The fashion’s most anticipated event finally happened two days ago. Indeed, on Monday, 7th May occurred the long-awaited Met Gala. Founded by a publicist called Eleanor Lambert, the first event was first held in 1948. Since, it gathers models, fashion, music and movie celebrities to raise money for the Met’s Costume Institute.

Every year, it comes with a new theme, always more creative, giving free reign to the designers’ imagination that thus, create the most surprising but also the most amazing dresses. That is why we love this event. To admire the sublime outfits but also to define who is the best dressed.

Hosted by Anna Wintour, Rihanna, Donatella Versace and Amal Clooney, this year Met Gala’s inspiration was: “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination”. The purpose was to match fashion with religious masterpieces.

MET Gala 2018

Our personal favourite is Blake Lively’s Versace Ruby red gown. It took more than 600 hours to make her embroidery and jewel-encrusted dress. She mastered her look with a spiked headpiece.

Gigi Hadid also wore a Versace dress that took inspiration from the stain glass windows of a church and had embroilments stitch together to remind of a cathedral. She completes her look with matching nails.

Rita Ora stuns in a black chiffon Prada gown adorned with floral appliques. She accessorizes her look with an ornate crown with black roses on it and sequin gloves.

If the guests had the chance to see Madonna performing, we also had the pleasure to see unforgettable outfits on the red carpet, as every year. Celebrities were wearing Balenciaga, Chanel, Dior, Dolce Gabbana, Tory Burch and much more designers. Our favourite looks of this edition were Blake Lively, Gigi Hadid and Rita Ora’s.

MET Gala 2018

The Met Gala has celebrated its 70th anniversary. Every year, we are looking forward to seeing the looks that will cross the 150 yards red carpet and all that we can say is that we cannot wait for next year!

Source 1, Source 2

Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3

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Festival outfits by Admin

 The festival season has begun with the long-awaited Coachella. In summer, we live to the rhythm of music and outdoor concerts. For several days, we are preparing ourselves to live the highlight of our summer thanks to performances that will remain etched in our memories.

While some remain undecided about which artist they should watch, we girls, have concerns that are slightly different. During the months preceding the festival, we will not only think about the concerts and the great time we are going to have with our friends. We will also think about how we are going to dress up. Because a good festival goes with a good style

One day, one style. That’s the perks of festivals. During these days, we can go from bohemian to biker chic and take inspiration from the celebrities’ looks.

Festival outfits

It is quite easy to get dressed for a festival, but here, we have selected some go-to outfits for a girl who wants to be stylish but comfortable at the same time. We love festivals because not only they have eclectic kinds of music but also because there are many people there with eclectic looks.  Take your inspiration from Bella Hadid to Rihanna. Go check their Instagram feed to see how they were dressed. The keyword is: dare. Nothing can hold you back

What to wear?

– Fluid long dress, jumpsuit, shorts with a crochet top, flared plants with a bralette.

– Suedine jacket, denim jacket, capes

– Sneakers, boots

– Backpack, shoulder bag

Festival outfits

Remember that comfort is important. If you don’t feel like wearing crazy outfits or you are scared because we never know if the weather is going to be that good, just accessorize your look. Jewellery, scarves, bandana, sunglasses, headband. Spice up your look. You can also use glitter on your face and body and wear ephemeral tattoos. Give free rein to your imagination, let your look be fancy and creative!


Source 1, Source 2

Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3


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Everyone knows it, today’s trend is sneakers. The reason is simple. In addition to being comfortable, sneakers allow you to stay stylish no matter the occasion. This fashion choice is a go-to as it can be mixed with pants, shorts, skirts or dresses. Everyone can wear it and be classic but casual at the same time.

But did you ever think about sneakers not only in line with your style itself but with your lipstick? And did you ever think about wearing a lipstick that will not only be in harmony with your skin tone but also with your sneakers? Yes, you can see it coming. It has been announced a few months ago but here it is, the long-awaited Mac Cosmetics – Puma collaboration.


Both of these brands are well-known for their various collaborations. One of the recent ones is Puma – Fenti by Rihanna. So to celebrate its 50th Puma Suede Sneaker edition, the brand wanted to launch a shoe range with three of the most successful Mac lipsticks that are:

– Crème d’Nude, a creamy pink shade with a vanilla scent

– Lady Danger, a matte bright red shade

– Sin, a creamy semi-matte burgundy shade

The shoes will feature the M.A.C Cosmetics logo on the tongue and will come with a special packaging for the occasion. The price for each pair will stand for $90, while each M.A.C’s lipstick will be around $19.


In a recent article, we were writing about what you can wear this Spring. Well, the collection would be available on May 17th, so it is a concrete example of what you can accessorize your style with. These basics colours would also be perfect for a mid-season as Autumn, so do not hesitate to anticipate what you can wear at that time.

We are crazy about this collaboration and cannot wait to go on the website to order a pair that will match our lipstick. What will come next? Will we have other good surprises? Let’s wait and see what the future holds!


Source 1, Source 2

Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3

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What to wear this Spring by Admin

Spring is a nice season. The season of love as some enjoy saying. Trees are blossoming, people seem to be in a greater mood and in the streets, you can start smelling the great odour of barbecues that makes us feel like we are on holidays. The only cloud on the horizon is the weather indecision, especially here in Barcelona.

Thus, we spend too much time in the morning in front of our dressing room, wondering which outfit we should put on when we know that it will be cold in the morning, hot in the afternoon and why not raining in the evening. We don’t know how to dress up. That is why here, we have selected some basics and must have, that will allow you to save precious minutes in the morning and be trendy during the day.

What to wear this Spring

For the jacket,  we recommend you the unavoidable trench and the suede or denim jacket. These low-risk choices will avoid you getting sick, especially if you go out late at night, but will let you remain stylish. For the top, it is all about floral prints; daisies, roses, you are the one who decides as you have many options. This will allow you to bring a little more fantasy to your look. Opt for the off shoulders top very fashionable and very cute.

Then for the bottom, there are the cropped jeans, a safe bet. However, as you have probably seen in all the shops around, you can also try a stylish but comfortable look by wearing a midi skirt or culotte pants. Feel free to wear stripes or prints and accessorize them with a pair of sneakers or heels to destructure your look.

What to wear this Spring

If you do not have any of these pieces in your closet, we recommend you to run to the closest store and at least buy one of these wonders. Do not forget that Spring is synonymous with colours. And what is trendy this year? The combination of pink and red: the colours of love. Is it a sign? Because we told you at the beginning of this article that this time of the year was the season of encounters.


Source 1, Source 2

Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3

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How to boost your online popularity by Admin

We all remember that famous selfie from Ellen Degeneres during the 86th Academy Awards in 2014. It broke the Internet. A lot of people would like to experience that success on the platform. But whatever social network you use, always remember that there are some tricks you should know about if you want to boost your online profile.

To keep your followers entertained, you need to find what will make the difference. Impose your style and your personality but always be careful of what is going on around you. Indeed, even though it is important to create your own world, look at the trending topics, what is making the buzz and what is not.

How to boost your online popularity

The next important step is to identify who is following you. Once it is done, you will be able to analyze what they like the most about you, what are the most popular posts on your feed.

People want original content. Always make sure you caught the best angle, light and catchphrase to post the best photo you can, even if it implies to eat cold or go out late. Don’t be afraid to use links and hashtags, it will help you to get viral. Then the only thing you have to wait for are the likes, shares and comments.

Whatever social media you use, if you want to succeed, always be conscious of the peak hours. We spend a lot of time on our phones checking online profiles, but it is important to take into consideration that posting your photo at 10 am during the week will not have the same impact than on a Sunday at 6 pm.

How to boost your online popularity

Yes, social media is art. The keyword is to stay active. Update your profile regularly and do not disappear for days. Now the online world is all yours!


Source 1, Source 2

Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3

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What to pack for a mid-season week-end in Barcelona by Admin

Forget your triple layer winter coat if you travel to Barcelona during the mid-season. Here you will find the best tips to enjoy your stay as much as you can while, hopefully, remaining stylish.

One thing to take into consideration is to travel light. And if your aim is to visit the city from A to Z in just a weekend: think practical. You will always look more pretty on pictures with a casual and comfortable look than with a look that will not allow you to smile because your too hot, too cold or because your shoes make you want to cry.

What to pack for a mid-season week-end in Barcelona

That is why a pair of sneakers is always a good idea, you can bring your high-heels but keep them for the night if you plan to go out. Then, never forget the basics. A trench, a cardigan or a leather jacket is enough. For the bottom, just bring some jeans. Barcelona is not only a synonym of sun and party at the beach, you never know what the weather holds. That is why it can be tricky to travel during the mid-season because the weather is constantly changing, thus, temperatures are never the same. A sweater or light jacket is essential and you can wear a breathable t-shirt underneath it to stay comfortable.

Don’t be afraid to let your creativity speaks to keep you warm: mix fabrics, put a scarf on… but remember that packing heavy clothes is not a good idea as you will have to take them on/off every time you enter to a restaurant, a coffee shop, a museum.

What to pack for a mid-season week-end in Barcelona.

Now that you have all the information needed, stop looking desperately at your suitcase wondering whether you need your sunglasses or your umbrella, just take them both and be ready to enjoy the city’s best places.


Source 1, Source 2, Source 3, Source 4

Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3

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10 tips for walking in high-heels by Admin

Marilyn used to sing that “Diamonds are the girls’ best friends”, this is far from being wrong. However, we must not forget our other best friends which are high heels. Indeed, wearing those can instantly make you taller, more graceful, more slender and so many other positive things. But you need to be careful as your second best friend can suddenly turn into your worst nightmare if you do not know how to tame them, and here is how to do so:


  1. Put the heels that you can handle: If this is your first trial, please do not set the bar too high. For beginners, I recommend you wear wedge heels. As you will get used to those, little by little, change your wedges for stacked heels and then for stilettos if you feel up to doing so.
  2. Use platform shoes: If you are not really comfy with high heels, medium height heels will be enough to have a positive impact on your appearance.
  3. Avoid pain: Always have band-aids with you and put them on before you get blisters, in prevention. You can also buy stuffed soles to soften your steps.

10 tips for walking in high heels

4. First the ball, then, the heel: To get as steady as possible, you need to be careful to not put your whole foot on the ground at the same time.

5. Slow Down: Leave few minutes earlier than necessary to be able to slow down your rhythm if needed without being in a hurry and risking a broken leg.

6. Use your weight wisely: To avoid your heels to get stuck between the cobbles, try to put your weight on the ball of your foot.

7. Take little breaks: Allow yourself to take a little break whenever you want to. And when doing so, just admire the landscape and the streets, you may be surprised!

10 tips for walking in high heels

8. Anticipate: Look at the cobbles which are one or two meters far from you and identify the safest part of the road for your heels.

9. Keep calm: It is completely worthless to insult the road or to beg it to let you pass. It won’t work. All you have to do is to stay calm and keep on moving until you finally got to destination, be brave!

10. Walk on the less damaged part of the streets: You should better walk at the edge of the streets because normally, they should be less damaged and therefore more negotiable.

Bonus: Forget everything I’ve just said and find some friends or a boyfriend nice enough to help and support you or even to carry you after hours of suffering.



Source 1, Source 2, Source 3, Source 4, Source 5

Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3

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Healthy Snack Ideas by Admin

Are you still hungry 30 minutes after breakfast? Do you have little cravings between meals? Do you want to grab some food during watching movies or studying? If you answer is “yes!!!” we have something special for you! Super easy and quickly prepared healthy snacks recipes. You can even take them with you wherever and whenever you may need them.

1. Greek Yogurt Bark


1 1/2 cups plain vanilla Greek Yogurt
3 tbsp pure maple syrup
1/2 cup granola
1/2 cup blueberries
3 to 4 strawberries

Mix the yogurt with maple syrup and then pour it into a tray lined with parchment paper. Sprinkle the granola with the blueberries and strawberries. Of course you can use whatever you may want on top. Freeze the bark at least for 60 minutes before it’s ready to eat!


2. Frozen Banana Bites

2 bananas
2 dark chocolate bars
1 cup nuts for toppings

Put the chocolate bars in a pot and slowly melt it at a low heat. Cut the bananas into pieces and dip them in the chocolate until they’re fully covered. Place them on some parchment paper or a plate. Now you can put some nuts on top! Freeze everything for at least 30 minutes!


3. Apples with peanut butter

All you have to do is cut your apples and add some dairy-free milk to your peanut butter. Mix it and drizzle the peanut butter or even almond butter on top of the apples. You can also use any fruit you’d like to eat.


4. Slice of toast

You can eat it at home or take it out. There’s so many ways to create your own slice of goodness. Use avocado and strawberries, peanut butter and bananas or even hummus, spinach and cherry tomatoes! What is your perfect match?


5. Fruit

The easiest snack ever! Mixed various kinds of fruits make a healthy fruit salad. Even when you’re craving something on the way this is not a problem! Go to La Boqueria in Barcelona. You can find so many different fresh fruits and vegetables there.


Enjoy !


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Barcelona’s best Second-Hand & Vintage Markets by Admin

Barcelona is not just only for Art-Fanatics, Beach-Babes and Party-Animals, but also the perfect city for Vintage-Lovers who are always on the hunt at Fleamarkets and Secondhand-Stores for their perfect new spoil.

Just around the famous Ramblas, in the Barrio Gotic and the Raval, you will find a real vintage- and secondhand eldorado. Especially in the Carrer dels Tallers in the hip part of Raval, or in all the small streets around the Calle Ferran in El Gotico there are a lot of authentic and unconventional places to discover. Just as big as the variety of different shops is the amount of flea- and vintage markets. Depending on the day of the week you will be spoilt for choice. Here are some of the best Vintage-Markets, that you can not miss.

Encants Vells Flea Market

The Encants Vells Flea Market is Barcelona’s oldest and biggest market and easy accessible with the Metro (L1 or L2). It is located on Plaza Glories and without doubt one of the most impressive modern market buildings in Europe. Open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 9h to 20h every week you can find an eclectic mix of secondhand wonders and vintage clothes, as well as nick-nacks and antiques to fill your home with. The combination of original architecture and hustle ‘n’ bustle, combined with the diversity of objects on offer and great views of the Agbar Tower make the Encants market an interesting place to visit. You should better get there early to avoid the crowd.


Flea Market Barcelona

Taking place once a month on a Sunday close to the Drassanes metro station and hidden behind the Maritime Museum, the Flea Market is one of the coolest street flea markets in Barcelona. Selling a huge range of things, from secondhand clothing, to books, bags, jewellery and household items, they seem to have it all. From mid-morning until around 7 in the evening you can visit the market and shop around for a good bargain and even offer to make trades. The Flea Market has even gained such popularity that it decided to create a second type of second hand market in the city, which they have dubbed Fleadonia. This market takes place close to La Filmoteca de Catalunya, at Plaça Salvador Seguí. The next flea market event is on the 11.03.2018.


Lost & Found

Only held once every three months, usually Open Air, Lost & Found boasts a huge range of vintage and secondhand items and clothes, located in the central Estació de França. Not only is Lost & Found flea market a place to discover new treasures, it is also a space to exchange ideas, mingle with friends, find inspiration and feel a part of the humongous and ever-growing vintage community in Barcelona. If you’ve become bored of your clothes or household items, then bring them to Lost & Found. There you can exchange products in return for something completely different.


Two Market

The Two Market factory sets up a new market, this time focusing on vintage clothing and accessories. This ecologically sustainable flea market takes place in the huge hall of L’Ovella Negra in Poble Nou. Following the motto “Reuse is the best way to recycle”, this vintage market attracts visitors and motivates them to follow this original and inventive goal. Grab some cheap pieces (starting at just one euro) in this fun and sustainable way.


Good luck and have fun rummaging!




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Interaction between music and fashion by Admin

People can hardly imagine their life without music as it accompanies almost every sphere of life.  Through the years, music has been the center of inspiration for various artists and its impact can be seen in pieces of art of different times. As well as sculptors, painters and writers, designers also often find their “muse” in musical compositions.

 Music creates idols people want to follow and look like. Each type of music also represents some ideology and values, so very often we can guess the type of music person likes according to ones` appearance.


In 1920, the popularity of jazz brought to fashion “bobbed” hairstyles, which were not only a mark of rebellion but also a practical style for the popular dance music. Dresses became shorter to reflect the ability to move freely while dancing. Jazz fashion reflected elegance, style and creativity.


Heavy metal

The biker, rocker and leather subcultures are associated with heavy metal. One of the main idols is considered to be Rob Halford, who wore a leather costume on stage in 1978 to coincide with the promotion for the Killing Machine. His look involved combat boots, studded belts and bracelets, bullet belts, spiked gauntlets etc.



Country music popularized the simplicity. Country talks about singer`s hometown and tracks, so country singers wear practical plaid shirts and cowboy boots, which are considered to be a must for a country singer.


Glam Rock

Glam Rock reached its peak in the mid of 1970s. The main drivers of this style were T.Rex, David Bowie, Sweet, Roxy Music and Gary Glitter. It influenced a lot on the formation of gothic rock which was informed by the bright make-up, clothes, theatricality and sound. Designers took an inspiration from the performances costumes. Glam rock combined various styles but its main distinguishing features are outrageous clothes, makeup, hairstyles and platform boots.


Even though it is in our nature to follow the common trend, modern people are being much less influenced by the music stars style as it used to be, however, music cultures still influence an individual`s fashion trends to a certain extend. Today a lot of people can disapprove the statement: “You are what you listen to”.




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Expressionism in fashion by Admin

Expressionism was a modernist movement that was developed as an avant-garde style, originating in Germany in 1905-1925 years. It affected not only fine art but also architecture, literature, theatre, dance and music. Expressionism is focused on the artist’s sensibility and emotions to the world’s representation. It tends to be emotional, distorted, exaggerated and sometimes mystical. The colour is intense and not naturalistic, brushwork is usually free and agitating and paint is usually applied in big amount that makes the painting more textured.

The most well-known expressionists are Edvard Munch, Wassily Kandinsky, Franz Marc, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and Egon Schiele.

Expressionism in fashionFranz Marc – The Large Blue Horses (1911)

Expressionism influence on fashion designs

Expressionism has countlessly influenced fashion designs and played a big role in inspiring many designers worldwide for more than two centuries. Fashion designs usually influenced by art including paintings, drawings, architecture, dance, music etc.

For the past few years, Expressionism has become a major fashion trend that today can be seen in everyone’s closet. During fashion weeks in 2014 and 2016, many designers used vivid colours or distorted silhouettes for their collections.

Expressionism in fashionStella McCartney and Tibi’s Amy Smilovic

They design abstract clothes that can be seen on the runways every year.

Dynamic. Abstract. Unique.

Expressionism in fashionFendi’s 2014 collection

It was mostly influenced by abstract expressionism – distorted patterns, a lot of texture and vivid colours.

Expressionism in fashionMaison Martin Margiela – ‘Paint Splatter’ sneakers in 2013 were influenced by Jackson Pollock art.

Jackson Pollock is famous by its paint splatter paintings. His work has influences many fashion brands and it can be seen on catwalks and Vogue pages throughout many years.

Expressionism in fashion







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Japanese influence on fashion – kimono by Admin

A kimono (着物, きもの), translated as “the thing worn”. It is a traditional Japanese clothing that is defined by its “T” shape and decorative patterns.

japanese-influence-on-fashion-trends-kimonoKimonos became very popular among Japanese people during the Heian period (794-1192). They began using straight-line-cut method (cutting fabric in straight lines) in XX century as it offered many advantages such as easy folding and were suitable for any kind of weather.  Breathable fabric was used for summer and for winter, kimono was worn in layers to provide warmth.

Since then, Japanese people started to pay attention to the colours and patterns of kimono. Generally, colour combinations represented either season colours or the political class they belong to.

Toward the end of the 19th century, the obsession of Japanese culture, art and style, including kimono, spread around the world.


Kimonos are the must-have piece. They come in different beautiful patterns and can be worn with absolutely everything! Long, short or with long sleeves – kimonos are charming in every size and form. They are a perfect garment for summer days because they’re light and breathable but can be also used at chilly nights to have something on your shoulders.

Here are a few tips how to wear modern kimono:

The most casual look is to combine a patterned kimono with jeans or shorts and white t-shirt.


It’s a perfect match to your bathing suit.

Japanese influence on fashion - Kimono

Combine colourful kimono with your all black or all white outfit.


Belt your kimono over jeans or a dress.


Pair your kimono with a short or maxi dress.


Wide-leg jeans and kimono = boho style with a 70s vibe




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Oversized Earrings- Think Bold by Admin

This year, fashion industry focused on creating oversized earnings bigger, brighter and flashier. Simply by wearing such earrings, women can create an entire look or completely change the image, making it more visible and expressive.

Every season the earnings get bigger and more creative. Modern jewelry is an art, containing a broad choice of styles, colours, sizes or shapes.Oversized Earrings- Think Bold

Getting dressed became a lot easier as anyone can pair oversized earrings with anything, from simple blouses to cocktail dresses. It can be the focal point of the outfit.

Topshop and H & M, Piaget and Chopard, Celine and Marni are international companies that issue statement-earrings worldwide for affordable price. The most popular fashion brands are Rocha and J.W. Anderson that sell their earrings from 120 to 380 dollars.

earringsFaris Ladyday Earrings ($145):  The botanical design and sharp lines make the jewelry elegant and unique that would attract everyone’s attention

dolcegabbanarunwaymilanfashionweekwomenswear1etqpupltfdxDolce & Gabbana Spring 2017 ready-to-wear accessory – elegant, feminine with black, gold and bronze colours  and vantage sculptures.

balmain-silver-metal-hoop-earrings-spring2013-runwayWomen with small facial features can safely wear large earrings, which will look very expressive. However, it is not recommend  to combine necklaces with large earrings. If there is no necklace, then the earrings will be in the spotlight.

In addition, before choosing the right earrings, it is necessary to consider the features of appearance such as age, height, hair, face shape, neck length etc. Try to match the colour of the earrings with the hair and eye colour.

Supersized pair of earrings can also be an ideal gift.


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Top accessories 2017 by Admin

Lately, we have tried to make sure that we do not miss out on any dress combinations that this fall could complement your fashion style. The objects of our attention are bags, boots, jewelry pieces and other fashion accessories.


Top accessories 2017

The berets, along with their warm jackets and heavy boots, came to the shelves of the most famous high-street stores. If you want to freshen up your style, this is the perfect suggestion. By the example of Dior,  you can add a wonderful drop.

Bags with cartoon characters

Top accessories 2017


The trend that runs together with the floral print from year to year is comic print. Comic strips with well-known balloons that often carry
funny or commercially-talked-in character, decorate items and details like bags. Print with cartoon characters on your bag is also a fashion trend that has been identified by the famous brand Prada.


Top accessories 2017

The timeless pearl will always remain in vogue. Pearls can completely transform clothes, and many women with a pearl necklace feel like Odri Hepburn and Merilin Monroe. Pearls have a magic charm that can turn you into an elegant and sophisticated young woman. This season, the fashion industry gives the pearls a new life, we can see pearls everywhere, on the catwalks and the main streets.

Red boots

Top accessories 2017

Red boots are officially a fashion piece that you must have in your shoe collection. Half-deep, deep, over the knees, metallic or decorated with thread – it’s not very important, as much as the color itself, because with them, any dress combination will look remarkably this autumn.

∼ Hope you enjoyed ∼


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