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 The festival season has begun with the long-awaited Coachella. In summer, we live to the rhythm of music and outdoor concerts. For several days, we are preparing ourselves to live the highlight of our summer thanks to performances that will remain etched in our memories.

While some remain undecided about which artist they should watch, we girls, have concerns that are slightly different. During the months preceding the festival, we will not only think about the concerts and the great time we are going to have with our friends. We will also think about how we are going to dress up. Because a good festival goes with a good style

One day, one style. That’s the perks of festivals. During these days, we can go from bohemian to biker chic and take inspiration from the celebrities’ looks.

Festival outfits

It is quite easy to get dressed for a festival, but here, we have selected some go-to outfits for a girl who wants to be stylish but comfortable at the same time. We love festivals because not only they have eclectic kinds of music but also because there are many people there with eclectic looks.  Take your inspiration from Bella Hadid to Rihanna. Go check their Instagram feed to see how they were dressed. The keyword is: dare. Nothing can hold you back

What to wear?

– Fluid long dress, jumpsuit, shorts with a crochet top, flared plants with a bralette.

– Suedine jacket, denim jacket, capes

– Sneakers, boots

– Backpack, shoulder bag

Festival outfits

Remember that comfort is important. If you don’t feel like wearing crazy outfits or you are scared because we never know if the weather is going to be that good, just accessorize your look. Jewellery, scarves, bandana, sunglasses, headband. Spice up your look. You can also use glitter on your face and body and wear ephemeral tattoos. Give free rein to your imagination, let your look be fancy and creative!


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The shortest night of the year and the official beginning of summer is here! Sant Joan festival or “La Nit de Sant Joan”,  the Spanish midsummer, is celebrated on the 23rd of June and continues to the 24th of June, which is “Saint John’s Day” and a public holiday in Catalonia and Spain.

Sant Juan is one of Barcelonas biggest parties , you can either organize your own party with friends and family or join a party in one of Barcelonas many clubs. A lot of people, around 70 000, also spends Sant Juan on one of Barcelona’s beaches,  a nice way to see the bonfires and fireworks !

Food and drinks is a very important part of Sant Juan, if you want to be traditional you should go for  Coca & Cava . Coca is a dessert brioche cake which you can enjoy with Cava, sparkling vine from Spain. Personally, I know I’m going for this perfect combo!

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“The one who lights Sant Joan will not get burnt all year.”

This celebration is an old tradition and has a lot of elements , where fire is the most important one, which explains the fireworks and bonfires. According to traditions will “The Flame of the Canigó” or Canigó’s flame light bonfires all over Catalonia. This year it’s 50 years since ” La Flama del Canigó” first arrived in the city, which makes this year’s Sant Juan Night extra special.


“Bathe on Sant Joan and you’ll be healthy all year round”

Water is also an element of Sant Joan, according to legend and tradition a swim will cure ails, aches and pains. If you celebrate this festival on the beach, and it feels like a swim on mid-night, you will not be the only one.


“Herbs of Sant Joan keep their strength all year”

Legend says that on the night of San Juan herbs are one hundred times stronger than usual. Thyme, Rosemary and Verbena are collected and eaten during this event.


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