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Brunch is sacred. It is a truly special moment that is well appreciated during the weekend. Whether you had a party on Saturday night or not, Sunday is synonymous with rest. We recover from the efforts of the week. Pampering, cocooning, on Sundays we relax and enjoy oneself. And it also goes through the food we are eating. Nothing is better than a brunch on a nice sunny day to catch up with your friends and families, spend some time together before tackling the week.

On the weekend you can sleep in and eat your favourite dishes without any remorse. As the fruits and vegetables season really begins, you can go to the numerous food markets around you and look for ideas that will help you to prepare a feast.

Ideas for a nice Brunch

Sundays are not all sunny and when they are, not everyone has the chance to have a terrace to fully enjoy it. That is why you need to find how to bring the sun into your hearts but also to your plates. Here we have selected some fresh and simple ideas of brunch to make and to taste altogether. These all-time favourites will make you love life because as we said, the simplest things are usually the best.

For the sweet treats:

– Pastries, crepes, French toasts

– Fruits salad, chocolate dipped strawberry pops

For the salty treats:

– Avocado toasts with salmon and poached egg, quiches, patatas bravas, tortillas

For the juices:

– Fresh juices, smoothies

– Gazpacho, sangria

Ideas for a Brunch

You don’t have to get up early, because there is no big preparation that requires all your time and energy. Enjoy the sun, enjoy your loved ones, enjoy life. Make your weekend a special moment, a source of energy that will allow you to be at your best during the week.


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