Have you ever wondered what happens before, during and after a photoshoot? The result probably looks effortless and easy but actually, there are many steps to go through before the beautiful shot is published for the audience. Today I’m going to reveal the sweat, stress and struggle that capturing the eye-catching photo requires, not forgetting the passion and pleasure that hides behind each photo. You get to follow Capture Models’ team to a photoshoot with a new model and get a glimpse of all the bustle behind the camera lens.

The saying ‘Well planned is half done’ is definitely true when it comes to photography. Therefore, planning where, when and how to shoot is one of the keys to success. As the weather in Barcelona can anytime surprise you with hot sun beams or hard rain, we were prepared with many outfit options and a versatile venue. We chose The Design Museum as the shooting location and it offered lots of different types of surroundings to work with. Also, we tried to match the model’s outfit and look with the location and atmosphere. Despite all the importance of planning, it is more than desirable to let the imagination flow. Spontaneous ideas can turn out to a photo that no one has ever seen before. And that’s exactly what a photographer wants – to create something brand-new.


And then finally, it was time for the photoshoot day! It was a grey day with a light rain, which doesn’t sound like ideal circumstances for creating an outstanding picture. The photographers had to crawl on the ground in search of the perfect angle and the model pose without showing how chilly and wet the environment was. However, we took the greyness as an advantage because it harmonised nicely with the harsh and modern museum area. Another challenge of shooting outside was all the other people doing their everyday work. There were people passing by and wondering what we were doing and cars parking right in front of our background. With a bit of humour, we accepted the challenge of being even more creative and didn’t let the lively environment around us disturb shooting.


After couple of hours of cameras beeping, we had memory cards full of pictures. The model’s job was done but our photographers still had half of the work left at home in front of their computers. Editing might sound like covering up grievances or improving the reality but that’s obviously not the whole truth. In fact, it’s more about correcting colours and boosting the strengths of the model instead of hiding the so-called weaknesses.

All in all, we had such an inspiring photoshoot day, and we’re so excited to show you the result!

Perhaps you also want to have a photoshoot with us? Check out the options that we offer and book your photo session here.

-Capture Models

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Pictures by Liene and Megan

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How to take a good picture by Admin

One of the primary purposes of photography is to allow us to relive the beautiful moments of our life. Time passes by, memory fades but souvenirs persist, thanks to the photos we take.

We all like to capture the moments of our life that seem beautiful, whether it is a place or an encounter. But when we do it, we must do it for ourselves and because it makes us happy to remember these memories. Not for others. Nowadays, especially because of social media, far too many people don’t live for themselves anymore and do not take the time to observe and enjoy the beauty of what Nature has to offer.

How to take a good picture

Our smartphones are glued to our hands and our first reflex is to take a snap or an Instagram story. While, taking a picture is, first, asking ourselves which spot is the most beautiful one. We need to observe and take the picture with our eyes.

Then, therefore, we can look for the light, a natural one preferably, that will make the picture look better. There is also a good time for the so-called Instagram pictures, like sunrises or sunset. Do not hesitate to move, to have shots from different angles. Get closer to the object, the person to photograph or use a lens attachment on your phone. Do not hesitate to play with the subjects, the elements but also with the weather. Not only a portrait on a white background or a sun and a blue sky that will make a photo look pretty.

How to take a good picture

Keep the photo as original as possible, you don’t need to add many filters. Remember that it is pointless to flood your Instagram with photos without real purpose since taking a nice picture means taking a picture that has a sense for you, and only you.


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