Best vintage shops in Barcelona by Admin

In Barcelona, there are hundreds of ways of spending your time – from visiting the most typical tourist spots, such as La Rambla, Sagrada Familia or other Gaudi’s breathtaking masterpieces to diving into Barcelona’s fashion spree. And that’s what we have done today. As you probably know, Barcelona is famous for the streets filled with exclusive shops like Gucci, Channel, Dolce&Gabbana, etc. However, not that many people know about the flourishing vintage shops and markets. We made a quick tour around the city and visited four amazing vintage shops. We made sure to take some amazing pictures just so you would see what it’s all about!


The first shop we visited was the vintage store named SOUL, situated at Carrer de Tallers. Crossing its thresholds, we found ourselves in a place that’s magical and a little dark filled not only with ordinary clothes but also with various kinds of disguises. See for yourself!

address: Carrer Tallers 15

Vintage Store Tallers 23

The second one was more casual and is maintained in the style of the past two decades. There, we found some 90’s style clothes like polo T-shirts, mom jeans, outworn Vans or Converse. What surprised us the most, was the large choice of football shirts! For anyone who loves old-school aura and football – we totally recommend it!

address: Carrer de Tallers 23

Polly Maggoo

The greatest choice of accessories ever! Hats, all kinds of jewelry and neckerchiefs. When you enter the shop, you can definitely feel the 70’s vibe – the clothes are totally sublime and selected perfectly to capture the hippie era. Furthermore, the owner is very nice and helpful.

address: Carrer de Riera Baixa 4

Let’s dive into the 50’s! This vintage shop is not only full of amazing clothes from a few decades ago, but has an extraordinary inside design as well. Unfortunately, not all the things are for sale, but still, it’s the great experience to admire the owner’s imagination.

address: Carrer de la Riera Baixa 22

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Johnny Depp’s most iconic looks by Admin

Johnny Depp celebrated his 54th birthday on June, 9th. So, to pay tribute to this movie legend, we decided to do a recap of three of his best looks.

Johnny Depp is unquestionably one of the best actors of our decade. Thanks to his strong friendship with Tim Burton and many other talented film directors, he offered us magical performances, all more different from each other. In addition to being particularly talented in his field, Johnny is like a metamorph. In each role, a new style.

We had the chance to see him in all its forms, adopt several haircuts and clothing styles. Whether it is in the cinema or in his everyday life, Johnny dares everything and his past as a rocker only confirms his extravagance. Hat, coloured glasses, scarves, nail polish, rings, tattoos, this man loves to accessorize all its looks for the greatest pleasure of our eyes.

Johnny Depp's most iconic looks

It is true that we have been more focusing on the style of his numerous and all so fabulous women in his life. But we should not forget that he received a Style Icon Award at the CFDA Fashion Awards in 2012. Known for his eccentric looks, he does not hesitate to express who he really is through his clothes.

His mythical leather jacket. It’s reminiscent of Cry Baby‘s era, where the artist with his slicked hair wore a simple white t-shirt, blue jeans and heightened this simple look with his jacket. This will forever stay in our mind.

He can play very wise as with Kate Moss at the Cannes Film Festival for the projection of The Brave. Nothing more classy and more beautiful than Johnny Depp wearing a costume. His clean-shaven and brush cut confirmed that each of his red carpet appearances allows him to show his elegance and sense of refinement.

You know it, Jonnhy Depp’s hair is his trademark. His dishevelled hairstyle is emblematic. A levis shirt always opens and a devastating smile.

Johnny Depp's most iconic looks

Johnny Depp has many facets and he will keep seducing his audience, through his films, his appearances on red carpets or in ads like Eau Sauvage, Dior.


Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3

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Festival outfits by Admin

 The festival season has begun with the long-awaited Coachella. In summer, we live to the rhythm of music and outdoor concerts. For several days, we are preparing ourselves to live the highlight of our summer thanks to performances that will remain etched in our memories.

While some remain undecided about which artist they should watch, we girls, have concerns that are slightly different. During the months preceding the festival, we will not only think about the concerts and the great time we are going to have with our friends. We will also think about how we are going to dress up. Because a good festival goes with a good style

One day, one style. That’s the perks of festivals. During these days, we can go from bohemian to biker chic and take inspiration from the celebrities’ looks.

Festival outfits

It is quite easy to get dressed for a festival, but here, we have selected some go-to outfits for a girl who wants to be stylish but comfortable at the same time. We love festivals because not only they have eclectic kinds of music but also because there are many people there with eclectic looks.  Take your inspiration from Bella Hadid to Rihanna. Go check their Instagram feed to see how they were dressed. The keyword is: dare. Nothing can hold you back

What to wear?

– Fluid long dress, jumpsuit, shorts with a crochet top, flared plants with a bralette.

– Suedine jacket, denim jacket, capes

– Sneakers, boots

– Backpack, shoulder bag

Festival outfits

Remember that comfort is important. If you don’t feel like wearing crazy outfits or you are scared because we never know if the weather is going to be that good, just accessorize your look. Jewellery, scarves, bandana, sunglasses, headband. Spice up your look. You can also use glitter on your face and body and wear ephemeral tattoos. Give free rein to your imagination, let your look be fancy and creative!


Source 1, Source 2

Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3


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What does the color say? by Admin

We all know that every color has a particular psychological meaning, but we do not think about that when creating our look. Usually, we just wear something we like or feel comfortable in not thinking about the fact that the color spectrum of the outfit we’ve chosen might give a wrong message about us or even TALK inappropriate.

CM decided to give you several tips about when and where better to wear the most popular colors.


What does the color say?

Classic black has so many faces and meanings. Usually people find it as a depressing color. We could definitely say NO to that. Black at the same time represent power and elegance, discipline and mystery.

When thinking what to wear to a job interview, black might me a good choice.


What does the color say?

This simple color represents so many things: Purity, cleanliness, safety, strength, peace. But try to combine it with another color in your outfit. Too much white can project coldness and isolation.

BTW, white is also a great option for a job interview. People more likely to trust those, who wear white.


What does the color say?

We all know that if you want to attract attention, wear red. It represents passion, power, energy. Wear red when you want to be assertive, need an energy boost or exude sexuality.


What does the color say?

This color can represent so many things depending on the shade.

Generally, blue represents authority, structure, communication, dependability, trust and loyalty.

However, some shades can project coldness. Wear blue whenever you are going to communicate with new people and they will definitely treat you with lots of respect.


What does the color say?

The color of love. Represent affection and serenity. But be accurate with this color. People are likely not to take seriously those who wear lots of pink.


What does the color say?

Green represents security, abundance, growth and luck. But be very accurate with shades of Green. CM would advise you to wear dark green or grass green.

Wear green whenever you feel calm.


What does the color say?

The color of sun. It represents happiness, freedom, optimism. Yellow is a great choice if you don’t want to become depressed during a rainy day.

CM advises you to use the colors to make a great impression and desired effect.





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Stylish outfits for each day of the week by Admin

It tends to get hard when it comes to picking out stylish outfits for each day of the week right? Sometimes you get totally lost thinking about what look you should go for today, or  at times even too lazy to think about your outfit in advance.

Capture Models is always here to help you! – Here are some of our ideas for stylish outfits for each day of the week.


Start your week with the color white! Psychologists say that wearing white will outline your freshness and purity, and a jacket dress will add “classy and fabulous” to your look.

stylish outfits for each day of the week


Don’t forget about coloring up your outfit. Wearing bright outfits will not only help you stay positive during your everyday routine, but also spread the positive energy around.

stylish outfits for each day of the week


Mixing textures and prints is always a good idea for a bright look. But it’s just a Wednesday and you might need to go to college or work, so try to keep it casual.

stylish outfits for each day of the week


A cozy sweater, midi skirt and a pair of black shoes is the perfect choice for those ladies who prioritize comfort when it comes to choosing their stylish outfit for each day of the week.

stylish outfits for each day of the week


Friday is perfect for denim day. Combining denim with a simple t-shirt and an old school checked Jacket (currently trending for 2017) will give you that retro style!

stylish outfits for each day of the week


A top with extravagant sleeves will be a great decision for all Saturday adventures such as a simpler coffee in the morning, shopping during the day and clubbing during the night.

stylish outfits for each day of the week


Sunday is a day to relax and make the best out of the last bit of your weekend. Capture Models advises you to keep it comfy.

stylish outfits for each day of the week



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