What to wear this Spring by Admin

Spring is a nice season. The season of love as some enjoy saying. Trees are blossoming, people seem to be in a greater mood and in the streets, you can start smelling the great odour of barbecues that makes us feel like we are on holidays. The only cloud on the horizon is the weather indecision, especially here in Barcelona.

Thus, we spend too much time in the morning in front of our dressing room, wondering which outfit we should put on when we know that it will be cold in the morning, hot in the afternoon and why not raining in the evening. We don’t know how to dress up. That is why here, we have selected some basics and must have, that will allow you to save precious minutes in the morning and be trendy during the day.

What to wear this Spring

For the jacket,  we recommend you the unavoidable trench and the suede or denim jacket. These low-risk choices will avoid you getting sick, especially if you go out late at night, but will let you remain stylish. For the top, it is all about floral prints; daisies, roses, you are the one who decides as you have many options. This will allow you to bring a little more fantasy to your look. Opt for the off shoulders top very fashionable and very cute.

Then for the bottom, there are the cropped jeans, a safe bet. However, as you have probably seen in all the shops around, you can also try a stylish but comfortable look by wearing a midi skirt or culotte pants. Feel free to wear stripes or prints and accessorize them with a pair of sneakers or heels to destructure your look.

What to wear this Spring

If you do not have any of these pieces in your closet, we recommend you to run to the closest store and at least buy one of these wonders. Do not forget that Spring is synonymous with colours. And what is trendy this year? The combination of pink and red: the colours of love. Is it a sign? Because we told you at the beginning of this article that this time of the year was the season of encounters.


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Stylish outfits for each day of the week by Admin

It tends to get hard when it comes to picking out stylish outfits for each day of the week right? Sometimes you get totally lost thinking about what look you should go for today, or  at times even too lazy to think about your outfit in advance.

Capture Models is always here to help you! – Here are some of our ideas for stylish outfits for each day of the week.


Start your week with the color white! Psychologists say that wearing white will outline your freshness and purity, and a jacket dress will add “classy and fabulous” to your look.

stylish outfits for each day of the week


Don’t forget about coloring up your outfit. Wearing bright outfits will not only help you stay positive during your everyday routine, but also spread the positive energy around.

stylish outfits for each day of the week


Mixing textures and prints is always a good idea for a bright look. But it’s just a Wednesday and you might need to go to college or work, so try to keep it casual.

stylish outfits for each day of the week


A cozy sweater, midi skirt and a pair of black shoes is the perfect choice for those ladies who prioritize comfort when it comes to choosing their stylish outfit for each day of the week.

stylish outfits for each day of the week


Friday is perfect for denim day. Combining denim with a simple t-shirt and an old school checked Jacket (currently trending for 2017) will give you that retro style!

stylish outfits for each day of the week


A top with extravagant sleeves will be a great decision for all Saturday adventures such as a simpler coffee in the morning, shopping during the day and clubbing during the night.

stylish outfits for each day of the week


Sunday is a day to relax and make the best out of the last bit of your weekend. Capture Models advises you to keep it comfy.

stylish outfits for each day of the week



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