Happy 50th Birthday Jennifer Aniston – recreate 10 of the actresses most iconic looks! by Admin

This week Jennifer Aniston celebrated her 5oth Birthday! We are taking this opportunity to take a look back at this stars most iconic looks through the decades, starting on  the set of the 90s hit sitcom ‘friends’ to her staple street-style of today. We have also found similar pieces that are available for you to recreate these classic Jennifer Aniston outfits. Thank us later!

1. The 90s Dress


It was September 1994 when Jennifer Anniston first graced our screens as Rachel Green with her slim physique and iconic haircut she was undoubtedly the most enviable character, not to mention her highly successful career in fashion that resulted in a job offer in Paris (jealous!) The subtle Gingham print of this a-line silhouette dress is perfect for any occasion as the weather starts to warm up. Pair with white trainers and you’re good to go! Shop similar looks at PrettyLittleThing & I Saw It First.


2. Denim


Denim was a wardrobe ‘must-have’ of the 90s. Whether is was dungarees, pinafores, jackets or a classic pair of Levi’s, Jennifer Aniston pulled off every denim look effortlessly. In recent years, denim has been re-claimed by many designers as a high-end fabric and in turn it has filtered down to high-street brands who have been creating stylish pieces from denim. Coincidently 90s trends have made a comeback which makes it so easy for you to recreate a classic Rachel Green vibe. Copy her style at Urban Outfitters & PrettyLittleThing.


3. The Patterned Mini Skirt


This tartan mini skirt paired with long, white sports socks go hand in hand creating a preppy look expected of a young Rachel Green. Many would argue this was the beginning of the patterned co-ord trend which has  reappeared in recent years. Other examples of this vintage staple can be found in films such as Clueless and Legally Blonde but it was Jennifer Aniston who started it all in the early 90s and paved the way for this quintessential ensemble. You can recreate it with pieces like these ones from Missguided & PrettyLittleThing.


4. The Little Black Dress


An essential to any girls’ wardrobe: The Little Black Dress dates back to 1926 and its creation by Coco Chanel, the interpretation of this style has changed throughout the years however it has remained simple and elegant. We think Jennifer Aniston wore this LBD perfectly at at a Red Carpet Event. Pair with a some strappy heels and a simple hairstyle to recreate this absolute classic.  You can find great dupes at Urban Outfitters, Missguided, PrettyLittleThing & basically any other high-street store!


5. Sequins


From the Simple and Elegant LBD  to this Sparkly and Bold sequin dress, Jennifer Aniston makes any garment look flawless. This midi sequin dress is perfect for a formal event like the Red Carpet. Sequins are a great way to have fun with your fashion choices and attract attention in any situation and Aniston does this effortlessly. Stay on trend and steal the limelight at any party with these Sequin dresses from Urban Outfitters, Zara Missguided & PrettyLittleThing.


6. The Suit 


The ‘power suit’ is an easy way to create a sophisticated and versatile look that can be worn at any occasion; ranging from running daily errands to a wedding. Jennifer Aniston stuns in this chic black suit on the Red Carpet. For day-to-day life pair simple, checked trousers with a matching blazer and white trainers for a trendy outfit that will ensure you always look well put together. For more formal occasions matching block colour two-piece suits and a pair of heels are a great alternative to a dress. Find examples of sticking suits at Missguided, PrettyLittleThing, Zara & Topshop .


7. The Midi Dress


As Jennifer Aniston has continued to stay on trend throughout the years while at the same time dressing age appropriate which is one of the reasons she is such a style icon. The higher necklines and longer length dresses that she chooses with the bodycon style allows her to keep showing off her amazing physique. Midi dresses are great to pair with peep-toe heels and an elegant clutch. Find similar midi dresses at PrettyLittleThing & Missguided


8. The Maxi Dress


Jennifer Aniston knows how to create an understated look that still stuns on the Red Carpet. Here she combines sequins with a pastel, nude tone, natural makeup and a ‘beachy’  hairstyle that makes her look effortlessly flawless. At PrettyLittleThing you can find examples of both long-sleeved and short-sleeved maxi dresses.


9. Street Style


The ‘friends’ star is widely known for her chic, casual street style. Rarely, snapped looking anything but well put together by the paparazzi, Jennifer Aniston has got her personal style nailed. She often pairs plain t-shirts, (we think that the best ones can be found at Zara) with blue jeans and heels or wedges. Jeans are a staple for anyones wardrobe and we’ve found our favourite pairs at the moment on UrbanOutfitters.com, Zara.com & Topshop.com.


10. The Bikini


An article about Jennifer Aniston wouldn’t be worth writing without mentioning her amazing body! Nobody would believe that she has turned 50 years old this week from the way that she looks! Often snapped relaxing on beaches in southern American destinations such as Mexico and holidaying in European countries such as Italy it is undeniable that Jennifer has got the beach babe look down. She almost always opts for a Triangle style bikini to show off her toned stomach. The simple, triangle style bikini is very much in fashion again and great ones can be found at Urban Outfitters, Missguided & PrettyLittleThing.


Happy 50th Birthday Jennifer! 

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What to wear this Spring by Admin

Spring is a nice season. The season of love as some enjoy saying. Trees are blossoming, people seem to be in a greater mood and in the streets, you can start smelling the great odour of barbecues that makes us feel like we are on holidays. The only cloud on the horizon is the weather indecision, especially here in Barcelona.

Thus, we spend too much time in the morning in front of our dressing room, wondering which outfit we should put on when we know that it will be cold in the morning, hot in the afternoon and why not raining in the evening. We don’t know how to dress up. That is why here, we have selected some basics and must have, that will allow you to save precious minutes in the morning and be trendy during the day.

What to wear this Spring

For the jacket,  we recommend you the unavoidable trench and the suede or denim jacket. These low-risk choices will avoid you getting sick, especially if you go out late at night, but will let you remain stylish. For the top, it is all about floral prints; daisies, roses, you are the one who decides as you have many options. This will allow you to bring a little more fantasy to your look. Opt for the off shoulders top very fashionable and very cute.

Then for the bottom, there are the cropped jeans, a safe bet. However, as you have probably seen in all the shops around, you can also try a stylish but comfortable look by wearing a midi skirt or culotte pants. Feel free to wear stripes or prints and accessorize them with a pair of sneakers or heels to destructure your look.

What to wear this Spring

If you do not have any of these pieces in your closet, we recommend you to run to the closest store and at least buy one of these wonders. Do not forget that Spring is synonymous with colours. And what is trendy this year? The combination of pink and red: the colours of love. Is it a sign? Because we told you at the beginning of this article that this time of the year was the season of encounters.


Source 1, Source 2

Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3

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Stylish outfits for each day of the week by Admin

It tends to get hard when it comes to picking out stylish outfits for each day of the week right? Sometimes you get totally lost thinking about what look you should go for today, or  at times even too lazy to think about your outfit in advance.

Capture Models is always here to help you! – Here are some of our ideas for stylish outfits for each day of the week.


Start your week with the color white! Psychologists say that wearing white will outline your freshness and purity, and a jacket dress will add “classy and fabulous” to your look.

stylish outfits for each day of the week


Don’t forget about coloring up your outfit. Wearing bright outfits will not only help you stay positive during your everyday routine, but also spread the positive energy around.

stylish outfits for each day of the week


Mixing textures and prints is always a good idea for a bright look. But it’s just a Wednesday and you might need to go to college or work, so try to keep it casual.

stylish outfits for each day of the week


A cozy sweater, midi skirt and a pair of black shoes is the perfect choice for those ladies who prioritize comfort when it comes to choosing their stylish outfit for each day of the week.

stylish outfits for each day of the week


Friday is perfect for denim day. Combining denim with a simple t-shirt and an old school checked Jacket (currently trending for 2017) will give you that retro style!

stylish outfits for each day of the week


A top with extravagant sleeves will be a great decision for all Saturday adventures such as a simpler coffee in the morning, shopping during the day and clubbing during the night.

stylish outfits for each day of the week


Sunday is a day to relax and make the best out of the last bit of your weekend. Capture Models advises you to keep it comfy.

stylish outfits for each day of the week



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