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A kimono (着物, きもの), translated as “the thing worn”. It is a traditional Japanese clothing that is defined by its “T” shape and decorative patterns.

japanese-influence-on-fashion-trends-kimonoKimonos became very popular among Japanese people during the Heian period (794-1192). They began using straight-line-cut method (cutting fabric in straight lines) in XX century as it offered many advantages such as easy folding and were suitable for any kind of weather.  Breathable fabric was used for summer and for winter, kimono was worn in layers to provide warmth.

Since then, Japanese people started to pay attention to the colours and patterns of kimono. Generally, colour combinations represented either season colours or the political class they belong to.

Toward the end of the 19th century, the obsession of Japanese culture, art and style, including kimono, spread around the world.


Kimonos are the must-have piece. They come in different beautiful patterns and can be worn with absolutely everything! Long, short or with long sleeves – kimonos are charming in every size and form. They are a perfect garment for summer days because they’re light and breathable but can be also used at chilly nights to have something on your shoulders.

Here are a few tips how to wear modern kimono:

The most casual look is to combine a patterned kimono with jeans or shorts and white t-shirt.


It’s a perfect match to your bathing suit.

Japanese influence on fashion - Kimono

Combine colourful kimono with your all black or all white outfit.


Belt your kimono over jeans or a dress.


Pair your kimono with a short or maxi dress.


Wide-leg jeans and kimono = boho style with a 70s vibe




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