Cafes in Barcelona that will make you want to study

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Cafés in Barcelona that will make you want to study

Come on guys, the end of the Academic year is just around the corner. But before being able to enjoy barbecues and pool parties, you must end your semester before and pass your exam. We all need a little bit of motivation to stop procrastinating and finally get back to work. But whenever the sunny days are back and that it is much warmer outside, our mind is somewhere else and all we think about is having cocktails on the beach.

There is nothing better than being in a good environment to work. Forget about the classic and boring libraries, where you do not have the right to talk because you will disturb the people who are really there to work and who are not just pretending to. What about a library with a cafe in it? At Laie, in Example neighbourhood, you will be able to enjoy a new concept, thanks to a cafe with a covered terrace within the library. On this last floor, there is a space dedicated to the people who want to meet, relax or work with music and food.

Cafés in Barcelona that will make you want to study

There are always alternatives for the one want to work outside their home or classes. Starbucks? Yes, but so basic and crowded. You need a peaceful area, with wifi, coffee and pastries in order for you to have the necessary motivation. Who knows, you will maybe really love it and will want to work more often.

If you do so, there is also a cafe/office called Coffice. Located near La Ramblas, this concept is unique because you only pay for the number of hours you stay in. There are different formats depending on whether you want to stay an hour or a day and you have multiple choices. Indeed, you can simply go there and sit at a table or book a room for a meeting. Whatever is your option, you will always benefit from free snacks and drinks.

Cafés in Barcelona that will make you want to study

Basically, you can go in whatever cafe you want to. The only problem is that they can be crowded and thus, not as quiet as the two mentioned before. Working in a peaceful environment is essential but you also need to treat yourself to give you some courage and be productive.

Students, workers, no more excuses so go ahead!


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