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The season of cocktails with your friends, family and colleagues has started and the main topic of every discussion concerns the holidays and where you should go this year. Discord, misunderstanding, incomprehension, nobody can agree on the destination but the clock is ticking and the holidays are approaching so you should hurry up. The previous article prompted you to prepare your trip in advance in order for you not getting overwhelmed by the events and enjoy the best deals. Here, you will find the best destinations in Europe for those who would like to travel on a budget.

Whether you want to backpack, camp or simply stay in a hotel, some destinations in Europe are cheaper than others. Europe is not only cities like Paris or London: destinations that are expensive, especially due to their popularity towards tourists. Think about countries you would have never think about and that are so underrated but as beautiful and pleasant as the others.

Where to travel in Europe on a budget

Here are 5 budget European destinations:

– Poland, Krakow.  There, you will enjoy long walks around the Wisla river and in the Medieval core of the historical city. There is plenty of affordable cafés and restaurants to go to and free city tours to enjoy. The streets are enchanting and you can discover multiple beautiful areas when wandering the streets just like the well-known Jewish district.

– Budapest, Hungary. Everyone knows this country because of the Sziget festival. But you can also go there to walk along the Danube and enjoy the Ottoman architecture from the cheap cruises. Furthermore, did you know that it is called the city of spas?  So everyone who goes there must enjoy the thermal bath at least once.

– Zagreb, Croatia. This country is getting more and more popular, as it is not expensive. In the heart of Croatia’s modern culture, you will be able to enjoy the medieval style of the streets, the beautifulness of the buildings and cathedrals.

– Andalucia, Spain. This region branded as a historical nationality has a mix of Spanish and Arabic style. There, you can enjoy cheap beers, tapas as well as a magnificent architecture. If you feel a little be adventurous you can take the ferry to Morrocco; it is not so far.

– Lisbon, Portugal. This place is one of the best watersport destinations and it is the paradise for the people who love seafood.  There are also some free festivals during the summer you can enjoy.

Where to travel in Europe on a budget

This article is only a short resume. You need to go there to see by yourself what these cities have to offer. Their common point is that they are all marked with a past, a heritage and a history that allows them today to benefit from amazing architecture, museums, buildings and excellent traditional restaurants.


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Top 5 beaches in Europe by Admin


Anyone can agree that Europe is far from short of beaches – It’s just that some might be a little more beautiful than others.
Here are 5 of our favorite beaches across the continent. So pack your bags with your bathing suits, towels and sun screen, and make sure to visit any of these beaches in Europe for a relaxing beach day, partying, or even just for a stroll.

# 1 LA CONCHA BAY – San Sebastián, Spain.

Concha Bay beaches in Europe

This is one of Spain’s most famous urban beaches. It is found right in the center of the city, stretching from the City Hall to the Pico del Loro. Its promenade features a few of the city’s well-known elements making the stroll round La Concha essential when visiting.

Another major feature of La Concha Bay is the Santa Clara Island which is found bang in the middle of the bay. This island also has a small beach where you can enjoy a walk to a lighthouse, a path with picnic tables and also a bar to have a few relaxed drinks at!


# 2 FIG TREE BAY – Protaras, Cyprus

Fig Tree Bay beaches in Europe

Its golden sand and crystal clear water are what make the beach such a beautiful one. It is a perfect destination for any summer vacation, be it with friends or family – You can find a coffee shop right at the top of the beach just to relax and have a drink or a bite of food, and also different types of water sports such as water skiing, parasailing, windsurfing and so on.

Last but not least, there is an islet that can be reached by simply swimming through shallow waters.


# 3 PRAIA DA MARINHA – Portugal

Mariah Beach beaches in Europe

As for all of you who are looking for crowd-free beaches in Europe, look no further! Marinha Beach on the Algarve Coast of Portugal is the hidden gem you have been looking for. Its caves and cliffs which are great for climbing make it quite an adventurous area too.

Apart from that, this beach is perfect for any beach day because of its beautiful golden sand and picnic areas.


# 4 PLATYS GIALOS – Mykonos, Greece

Platis Gialos beach beaches in Europe

This is known to be the best beach in Mykonos, surrounded by restaurants and hotels. Here, you are guaranteed a fun mellow vibe throughout the day, and a romantic vibe during the evenings.

It is quite a crowded beach filled with straw umbrellas and sun loungers on its white sand by its clear crystal water. Also, Platys Gialos is only 5km away from the capital making it the perfect beach to visit if you are on holiday in Greece!


# 5 BLUE LAGOON – Comino, Malta

Blue lagoon beaches in Europe

This is found on one of Malta’s sister islands Comino. Here you will find complete absence of cars and a beautiful Blue Lagoon with crystal clear water. It is a perfect location for those who love to snorkel, dive or just relax on its clear waters above white sand. You could also take part in a number of water sports deeper out in the lagoon, and bike across the island’s empty paths.


If paradise does exist, it must be on these beaches in Europe!


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